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frasi con la forma negativa in inglese

La forma negativa in inglese

Simple present

Con il simple present, la forma negativa si ottiene dall'ausiliare don't (do not)/doesn't (does not) seguita dalla forma base del verbo.


1. I don't like coffee.
2. She doesn't care about him.
3. We don't have enough time!
4. I do not agree.
5. You don't look very healthy.
6. They don't eat meat.
7. He doesn't play tennis.
8. You don't work here.
9. She doesn't like to watch horror movies.
10. They don't want to leave.

Past simple

La forma negativa si forma con il soggetto + ausiliare to be (was,were)/to do (did) in passato + not + la forma base del verbo.
1. She wasn't ready.
2. I didn't feel well.
3. You didn't arrive on time.
4. They were not very active last year.
5. He didn't sleep until now.
6. We didn't take our study seriously.
7. I didn't hit him!
8. They didn't last much together.
9. We did not know the answer.
10. They didn't see me.

Future simple

La forma negativa si forma con il soggetto + will not (won't) + forma base del verbo.
1. They won't let us in.
2. I won't give up on us.
3. He won't play the piano anymore.
4. She will not see him again.
5. They will not eat the cake without me.
6. I won't bother you anymore.
7. My mom won't buy me a new phone.
8. We will not peek!
9. They will not talk to her.
10. He won't let my hand go.

Altri esempi

1. I couldn't do the right thing.
2. She's not impressed.
3. They're not going to the party.
4. We don't want to go to school.
5. He can't open his e-mail account.
6. You don't have anything inside your bag.
7. They can't stop laughing.
8. I didn't cry when he left me.
9. You shall not do dangerous things.
10. We don't like the color of her dress.
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