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The Anglo-Saxons

In 410 AD,the withdrawal(=ritiro) of Romans army by the British Isles happened and in that century Angles,Saxons and Jutes invaded British Isles.
These populations came from Scandinavia and from Germany,and they destroyed all Roman towns.
Anglo-Saxons were farmers and deep-sea fishermen;they were organised in clans.
Their social bonds(=legami) were loyalty(=lealtà),phisical courage and personal freedom.
They had a developed sense of beauty,too.
During the 6th century,Pope Gregory I the Great sent a monk(=monaco),called Augustin to rebring Christianity in England.
Augustin became the archbishop(=arcivescovo) of Canterbury and encouraged(=incoraggiò) the birth of many monastries.
Britain was divided in many political entities,who conquered or merged with(=si fusero) each other,building the Heptarchy.
The Heptarchy was the division of England in seven indipendent kingdoms.
In 865 AD Vikings assaulted England,conquering completely two kingdoms (East Anglia and Northumbria),part of Kingdom of Mercia and nearly all of Kingdom of Wessex.
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