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Some people think that school does not prepare for real life. Do you agree?
Wite about:
- the content of lessons
- social relationshios
- ............ (your own idea)


Does school adequately prepare students for real life?

School is a very important part of our formation and it teaches us how to be good citizens. However, sometimes school mainly concentrates just on studying and culture.

On the one hand, the main Italian School aim is to teach culture, count rare to what happens in other countries, such as Japan, where, for example, domestic economy is taught. Furthermore, the content of lessons is not focused on social relationships.

On the other hand, at school is possible to forge many long lasting friendships. Having friends that always support you, even and especially during the hardest periods, is really important. In addition, students form their own personality and opinions at school, by discussing about important topics with their teachers and classmates. They even learn how to have and independent mind, which is crucial for real life.

To sum up, although lessons content is not translatable to socializing and daily living, school plays and important role in real life.

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