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Esempio di Essay Type 1 (Writing Part 1) del First Certificate in English.

Should we spend money on exploring space?
Write about:
-spending priorities
-what we might discover in space
-.........(your own idea).


Should we spend money on exploring space?

The significant technological progress of the last century has allowed humans to discover things that they would have never even imagined. In fact, nowadays we are able to cure lots illnesses and, furthermore, to reach parts of the universe really far from the Earth.

On the one hand, a lot of people would state that it’s necessary to focus on more important and essential human needs. In fact, healthcare, education, and aid to people in poor conditions are priorities that should be coped with before exploring space.

On the other hand, investing in space travel would be beneficial for our knowledge of the universe and other possible living creatures. Furthermore, it should be pointed out that the more we know about space, the more we discover about us and our origins. In addition, knowing more about space would may well be a first step to starting to establish human colonies on Mars or on other planets.

In conclusion, it’s my opinion that we have to go forward with investing in space in order to discover something that we would have never expected to know and to fulfill important future plans.

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