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The importance of having a family

It is true that human beings need love to survive, especially the love of their family. I believe that our parents and siblings are essential for many reasons. Yet, we do not give them so much importance and take them for granted. However, sometimes life puts us in certain situations, which make us understand the importance of having a home.

Firstly, having to move away from our relatives could change our perception of family. In the famous novel “I Malavoglia” written by Giovanni Verga there is a clear example of this: one of the main characters ‘Ntoni walks away from his birthplace as he does not want to live a life of drudgery anymore. Nonetheless, during this period away from home he becomes a criminal and when he returns to his native place after five years he realizes that he has made a really bad mistake. He now misses his relatives and his past life and understands that family is a precious gift as his loved ones embrace him in spite of all the mistakes that he has made.

Another thing that could have a strong impact on our perception could be the loss of a relative. Fortunately, I did not experience such a terrible thing but I risked losing my father when I was a child. In 2010, he had cancer, but thanks to the therapy he defeated that disease. In those months I knew that I could lose my father and although my parents tried everything they could to not to worry me and my younger sister, I remember having suffered a lot. Therefore, the fact that we can feel pain when we simply visualize ourselves without a a member of the family should make us understand that the family is essential.
In conclusion, I want to reiterate that our parents and siblings iare fundamental because because they are a reference point in our life: they love us unconditionally and protect us whenever we are in a difficult situation. They are part of us.