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Beowulf , the most famous of the Anglo-saxon epic poems, is an old English poem dating from the very beginning of the 8th century. It is the best preserved and the most complete of those extant. The stories told do not take place in England; according to scholars they are not set in Scandinavia and the author of the written version in Old English was probably a Christian scholar. The first part of poem narrates Beowulf's journey to the land of the Danes to free them from the man eating-monster Grendel and his mother who are devastating their lands. The hero will defeat them.
Then, after having ruled for about fifty years, Beowulf will have to confront a dragon terrorizing his people. Even though old , the Bewoulf will have to confront the dragon terrorizing his people, the hero will succeed in slaying the dragon but he will be mortally wounded. Such an enterprise will make him one of the legendary warriors of his people. The poem is considered a very important text both for its content and technical skill. The ability of the author to narrate, to master words and meter makes the readers imagine, feel and think . In this epic poem legends, mythical elements and history, as well as the customs of Scandinavia and its people (the Danes, the Swedes and the Geats), are skilfully mixed together.
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