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My last and future holidays

Last June i had a pleasant and informative holiday in Paris with my friend. We took a plane from the company Ryanair at the airport of Orio al Serio and we landed at the Paris airport of Beauvais. From the airport located north of Paris, by bus we moved to Paris. During the holiday we stayed in a small but nice hotel in the area of the Tour Eifell. The hotel was very functional for the movements because it was very close to the intersection of three metro lines. We visited the main museums and monuments of which Paris is rich. To eat we have adjusted in the many bistrot or eating sandwiches to not interrupt visits. The last day we dedicated it to visit the park of Disneyland just outside Paris. Now I’m thinking about the holiday spent in Paris whit the idea one day to come back to see what I missed. In anticipation of the summer I would like to have a long holiday for leisure and culture at Copenaghen in Denmark. Not having yet the precise ideas of where to spend the summer holidays, I would also be oriented to visit Spain, especially the main cities like Barcelona. In Barcelona I would like to visit the main works of the famous architect Gaudi, such as Sagrada Famiglia, Parco Gruell, casa Battlò. At the time, this weekend, I’m planning to spend a few days at lake Iseo to relax by going for long walks by the lake. I hope the weather is good and it does not rain.
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