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FRANKENSTEIN PLOT: The plot begins with Dr Frankenstein that is found dying by the captain of a ship. The doctor, with a flashback, tells him his story. He is a brilliant scientist that want to give a new life to a dead body. He, with a electric shock, brings to light a creature. The doctor is frightened by the creature and he runs away.
The monster, at the beginning, wants make friends but people, frightened by his appearance reject him. So He began to become a murderess. He wants take his revenge on his creator because He considers him guilty of his sufferings. So He kills his son, his brother, his best friend and his wife. At the end doctor Frankenstein sails on a ship to the north pole to kill the creature but It is the doctor to be mortally wounded.
FRANKENSTEIN (GOTHIC NOVEL): Frankenstein's story is entered in collective visionary. It is very famous and many films were made by it. The novel is set in Guinevra.
• SCIENTIFIC THEORY: Frankenstein was a Gothic novel and It aimed at a purpose that was the scientific divulgation. The novel proposes the scientific theory of Galvani, an Italian scientist. He discovered that an electric sparkle provoked the movement of a dead tissue. Frankenstein is seen as an outcast because he lived in solitude and he was refused by society.
• PROMETHEUS AND FRANKENSTEIN: The creature of Frankenstein becomes wicked against mankind when He is refused by society. In creature opinion Frankenstein was the responsible of the creature's unhappiness. In fact the creature hates the doctor because he created it. The monster asked to the doctor a female partner to feel not alone. He feels desolated in a populated land. In fact when He meets the child He wants to stay with him. The doctor infuses a sparkle of life in a body without life. However who doesn't respect the human laws is doomed to be defeated like Prometeo. In fact Frankenstein is considered a modern Prometeo. He was a titan and He committed a crime. He stole the fire from gods and for this reason He was punished. He was tied to a rock while a crow used to eat his stomach daily. He felt pain and He wanted to show that He was brave and proud. In both cases the main characters dared to overcome human limits.
• THE INFLUENCE OF SCIENCE: This novel deals with the problems of social justice. In fact at the beginning the creature didn't commit any crime but He was discriminated because He was very ugly. Mary Shelly was concerned with the relationship between science and moral. She sympathizes for the monster but She is very worried about its behavior. At the same time Mary Shelly, in her romance, wanted to side with the middle class, according to the French revolution, but she couldn't do this.
• WRITING TECHNIQUE: Frankenstein is written in first person by three different non-omniscient narrators. The first part of the novel is in epistolary form because Walton writes to his sister how he has saved Dr Frankenstein. The Dr. Frankenstein himself tells the story of his life so this is an autobiographical account. In the novel there is a part in which the creature explains the reason of his behavior. The narration is concluded by Walton again, always in epistolary form.
• THE CREATION OF THE MONSTER: this passage of Frankenstein deals with the birth of the creature. The scientist manages to give life to a dead body with an electric shock. The result is monstrous. The yellow skin, black hairs, white teethes are in contrast with empty eyes and black lips. The scientist, frightened, runs away from the laboratory, leaving alone the living creature.
• AN OUTCAST OF SOCIETY: this passage is narrated by the creature in first person. Here the monster, after leaving the laboratory, meets a child with which he wants make friend. The child is frightened by the creature's appearance and He begins to scream. The child reveals to the monster that his father is Frankenstein, the creator of the creature. He had sworn revenge on the scientist and for this reason He kills the child. In fact the monster considers Frankenstein guilty of his unhappiness and of his birth.

MARY SHELLY: Mary, Percy Shelly's wife, was the daughter of philosopher William Godway and Mary Wollstonecraft. She grew up in a family with strong exchanges of ideas, in fact the mother was a feminist and She anticipated the time because the feminism developed in the 20th century. She lost her mother when she was young and her stepmother and stepsister were very bad with her. She was grown up between the ideals of worry and attention for mankind. She met the poet and began to wander in Europe until she settled in Ginevra, when she wrote the romance. The romance was written for a competition of ghost stories. She won the competition but she published her romance anonymously because she was a female. After settling in Italy she lost her husband who drowned in a lake. After his death Mary, fell in love, she opened his body and she kept his heart in a box for the rest of her life. She loved him so much, in fact she took his surname.
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