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• The Romantic Age
Generally extends from 1760 to 1837. The last 4 decades of the 18th century are also defined the age of Revolution. The first one was the American Revolution when the colonies rebelled against the mother country because of a heavy taxation. Their motto was “no taxation without representation” .
It’s famous the episode called Boston Tea Party when the colonist threw a cargo of tea into the water. The American colonies gained the independence on 4th July 1776.
The French revolution took place in 1789, the ideals which inspired the revolution was “freedom, equality and brotherhood”. The industrial revolution. The machinery substituted workers with an increase in production but unemployment and dissatisfaction among workers. London was overcrowded because a lot of farmers left the countryside to move to the city where industries developed, but their living conditions were horrible. Linked to machinery, there was the Luddite Movement driving from a worker , Ned Ludd who destroyed machinery and was killed for this.

From a political point of view, the king was George III. The king surrounded himself appointed of loyal supporters. He appointed as Prime Minister William Pitt, who worked in his favor. In France General Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed himself Emperor, but he was definitely defeated in the battle of Waterloo by the Duke of Wellington. The position of women was different according to the social class; the upper classes woman didn’t work and received an education; the poor classes woman were employed in industries and forced to work up to 18 hours a day and they were ill-paid.
The adjective “Romantic” derive from Romance and it refers to languages derived from Latin; that is alluded to a work of fantasy and imagination.
In the classicist period qualities like rationality, equilibrium and harmony prevailed, now we have a great importance to individualism, to emotions and feelings. The forerunner of the Romantic Movement were the German poets belonging to Sturm und Drong. The new values for the romantic poets were: individualism, imagination and subjective interpretation of reality. They stated that all individual were free and equal.

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