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George Orwell – life and works

George Orwell was a key author in the British literary, historical and political context after the First World War.
In his work on "Burmese days", George Orwell expressed a profound disagreement over the colonialist and racist politics.
"Burmese Days" was published in 1934 and was inspired by the author's experience in Burma as a member of the British imperial police.
After fighting for the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War, George Orwell also published a "homage to Catalonia" in 1938, which is a fierce criticism of the violence and authoritarianism of the Spanish Communist Party and the Soviet Union.
Orwell expresses a deeper denunciation of totalitarianism and, in particular, Stalinist communism, in the short novel "Animal farm". It is a sharp satire of the degeneration of the Russian Revolution.
In 1949, George Orwell published his latest novel, "1984", and thus continued his social criticism through the science-fiction genre, inspired by another important author: Huxley and his masterpiece “Brave new world”.
“1984” by Orwell is set in the future and launches a warning about the disturbing prospects of a society characterized by the suppression of every individual freedom and absolute control exercised by a political power identified in the mysterious nilpotent figures of the Big Brother.
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