George Orwell

George Orwell is the pseudonym of Eric Arthur Blair. He was born in India in 1903 and he was a member of a ruling class without sharing his ideas. He attended a school for rich people in Etan but he didn’t approving the atmosphere there and he decide to not attend Oxford and Cambridge. He moved to London and Paris where he had causal jobs and he tried to live with the poor. When he returned to England he became a journalist and writer. His masterprice is Animale farm.
Animal farm is a dystopian novel because he considered the farm a perfect place based on power lock of equality and he know that this is impossible to be realized. Is a political fable about totalitarinism. A group of animal removed the leaders and organized a revolution based on principle of socialism. A group of pigs betray the revolution and get the power removing other animals. The characters are: Mr.James representing Csar Nicholas II, Napoleon=Stalin, Snowball=the idealist Trotezy, Old mayor=Marx or Lenin, The sturp=the masses to explort. Tha main theme of this novel is that every revolution is doomed to fail and this can happen in two ways:corruption of leaders and lack of consciousness of masses. The language used a political instrument and masses don’t realize that they are manipulated by slogan and propaganda. Examples “4 legs good and 2 legs bad change into 4 legs good and 2 legs better” or “seven commandaments written on the barn are replaced by all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”.

1984 a dystopian novel about a society of the future. The character is Smith who worked for the ministry of truth and his job is to rewrite history according to the ideas of the party. He has a love affair with Giulia and she writes a diary so he is imprisoned,tortured and brainwashed. Big brother became the simbols of enslavament of men to mass media. Orwell introduced two way to cancel individuality:Newspeak in which are used words connected only to science,business and politics and there are not words that expressing feelings.Doublethink in which there is a connection between two words of opposite menaning because the masses don’t understand the paradoxes and contradictions.

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