Nineteen Eighty-four

It’s Orwell’s masterpiece and a bestseller. It’s an anti-utopian novel because presented a negative subject, a frightful and nightmarish society and didn’t present the future but the contemporaneity. So it’s very different to an utopian novel because this presented a dream, a beautiful and an ideal society with a positive view of the life settled in the future and one of the most important utopian novel is Utopia by Thomas More. Orwell adopted an escamotage against the control and the intrusion of the state, he wrote his novel during the 1984 but thanks to the reversal of the last two numbers but he actually described the contemporary society. The setting in place is London, a desolated city with fog and darkness, governed by terror, fear and so it’s like a nightmare. It’s the capital city of Oceania and we can find two other blocks that are Eurasia and Eastasia and these 3 factions are in continuous conflict between them. Oceania is governed by a big dictatorial regime and it’s ruled by the party. The inner party that represents a minority (1% of population) controls the country and the head is the Big brother that represents the dictator. “the Big Brother is watching you” is the main feature that characterized this dictatorship. A brother should take care, but the big Brother controlled them thanks to telescreen that transmitted messages so he made political propaganda but not only because he also spied people. The we have outer party, the proles (81 %) and Brotherhood that is an underground rebel led by Emmanuel Goldstein. He stands for Trotsky because at the end he betrayed his ideals and became a spy of the big brother. The main aim of the state is to create newspeak replace old speak, this new language eliminated undesirable words that can be dangerous for the society and so wanted to abolish free thoughts, memories, sex and free consciousness. This is guaranteed by the ministry of truth that had the job to rewrite the words and to satisfy the desire of the state. Another key-word is doublethink that is a manipulation of the mind by making people accept contradictions, for example “war is peace, slavery is freedom, ignorance is strength”. The main character is Winston Smith that is Orwell’s mouthpiece because they both refuses the dictatorship and believes in his integrity and wants to remain an independent mind. He demands equality and wants freedom and doesn’t want to submit. He illegally keep a diary in which he wrote memories and thoughts and also he fallen in love.
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