Animal Farm

It’s Orwell first masterpiece and it’s a political allegory of Russian communism and revolution, it’s a satire and an animal fable. It’s a political allegory because it’s Orwell’s rejection to Stalin Purge Trials. It’s an animal fable because characters were all animals in particular pigs and only one man that is Mr. Jones, farm’s owner. Orwell took inspiration to a lot of cartoon of the period for example Mickey Mouse, Porky pig and Donald Duck. It’s also a fable because we have a moral aim and the author took inspiration to fables of Aesop or La Fontaine. It’s a satire because Orwell wanted to underline that all revolutions always led to a totalitarianism. This novel indeed represents the Orwell’s disillusionment to dictatorship. We can compared it to the 3rd and the 4th book of Gulliver’s travels where we can find yahoo and houyhnhnms. Both are satires of the society of the time because in Gulliver we can find a society dominated by reason and where men live under the dictatorship of the horses. It’s an anti-utopian novel because it’s very negative, it represents the reality, a society that can be reached, a nightmare characterized by a hierarchical society dominated by a dictator. The story is settled in a farm where a group of oppressed animals, inspired by the old boar, overcome the owner of the farm and organized a revolution. At first they are guided by seven commandments based on equality, but they are gradually altered by the pigs who become more dictatorial and of the seven commandments there was only one: all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others
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