Civiltà inglese

  1. 11 Settembre 2001 Frasi

    Appunto in inglese sull'11 settembre
  2. 1600 - American Revolution

    Appunto di lingua inglese: between 1600 and 1700 North America was colonized by the French, Spanish and English.
  3. 1600 - James Vi

    Appunto che descrive il contesto storico dei primi del 600 in Inghilterra, periodo in cui al governo regnava James VI.
  4. 1781 - Yorktown

    Appunto di lingua inglese: in 1781 the peninsula of Yorktown the British were forced to capitulate.
  5. 1800 - 1900 - Songs Of Work And Emigration

    Notes the work songs and emigration. Functions of music in the workplace, as of weeders and a song of emigration: Mama give me my hundred pounds.
  6. 1800 - Bourgeoisie And Proletariat

    The bourgeoisie and the proletariat in 800 were two social classes who took a very important role in the industrial world, the first investing capital in the initiative to get an economic profit, the second seeing their ability to work, in exchange for th
  7. 1800 - Crisis Of Positivism

    Appunto di inglese che descrive l'insorgere nel Continente europeo del sentimento antisemita e la crisi del positivismo.
  8. 1800 - Empires

    Appunto di inglese: exactly including questions and answers about the great empires of 1800. Great for the review and class assignments.
  9. 1800 - England

    Appunto di inglese: Reforms and measures in the second half of the nineteenth century England, during the Victorian era The problem of Ireland
  10. 1800 - England And Ireland

    Appunto di inglese: At the end 800 is the leading economic power in the world and this is thanks to the return of the leader of the Tories: Benjamin Disraeli.
  11. 1800 - Europe

    Appunto di inglese che verte sugli eventi storici che si verificarono in Europa nel corso del secolo XIX.
  12. 1800 - From The Motions

    Appunto di inglese: The three glorious days In 1814, Louis XVIII granted a constitution inspired by the British bicameral model which kept the Napoleonic civil and penal legislation.
  13. 1800 - Historical And Cultural

    Appunto di inglese: the nineteenth century: the historical and cultural context. The affirmation of the principle of nationality is concretely realized in many processes of national unification
  14. 1800 - The Depression

    Appunto di inglese: precisely on depression in 800 that affected many European countries and especially the agricultural sector. In addition references to the Belle Epoque and the industrial revolutions
  15. 1800-1900 - Colonialism And Imperialism

    Appunto di inglese: precisely on Colonialism and imperialism, the Congress of Berlin in which the great powers decided to set the rules by which carve up the world, but that provoked the reaction of the other Member
  16. 1800-1900 - Historical Context

    Appunto di inglese: story that traces the most important stages of the 1800's and 1900's that preceded the outbreak of the First World War.
  17. 1800, 1900 - Between The Old And The New Century

    Appunto di inglese: detailed notes on the difficult balance of Europe, the Europe of democracy and authoritarianism during the transition 1800-1900
  18. 1820 - Monarchies And Secret Societies

    Appunto di inglese: without a strong industrial and commercial bourgeoisie, the Hapsburg Empire was in the hands of the landed aristocracy
  19. 1820-1821 - The Revolutions

    Appunto di inglese: short note on the revolutions of 20-21 which speaks of factors played in favor of the liberals and mentions the Decembrist movement in Russia
  20. 1820-1830 - Absolutism

    Appunto di inglese: History memo on national movements and liberal the years 1820-1830, the Romanticism in Italy and Europe.
Appunti riguardanti la civiltà anglosassone in tutti i suoi aspetti: da come si trascorre il Natale al giorno del Ringraziamento, dalla first world war all’11 settembre
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