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School and life for American teenagers


School life for young people in America begins at six years old when they start Elementary School which lasts for six years. During these years the children are taught by one teacher and stay in the same class.
After Elementary School pupils move on to Junior and Senior High School which lasts for other six years. In this school they study more subjects and have many different teachers to teach them.
In American schools sports are very important and all schools have their own sports teams and compete in different tournaments. Cheerleading is also very popular in American schools. This is a sport that uses organized routines of dance and jumps to direct the spectators to cheer on sports teams at games and matches. The cheerledears wear bright attractive cosrumes in the same olours as the sports team they are supporting!
When teenagers finish high school at 18 years old many go on to study at University. The most famous university in the USA is Harvard. It is one of the best in the world! Those who do not go to university find a job or an apprenticeship.
descrizione del sistema scolastico americano


American teenagers enjoy similar things that teenagers in other countries enjoy, such as going out with their friends, watching films, going to parties and listening to the latest music!
A very popular kind of party for teenagers in the US is a “house party”. This is when a large group of people all meet at someone's house and play loud music and drink alcohol all night long. It is one of the most popular ways of socialising.
The most popular types of music for American teens are R&B and Hip-Hop and many teenagers listen to this on their i-pods and MP3 players. These types of music use lots of slang and rhyme and can be hard for adults to understand!
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