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Aaron Carter

Aaron Charles Carter (7 December 1987) is an American singer. It is the smaller brother of the homonymous family, the greater brother, Nick, does part of the Backstreet Boys while the sister twins, Angel, is a model.

Aaron sings and writes pieces rap, romantic and hip-hop. It plays varied tools like the piano, the battery, the guitar and the saxophone. It is also an excellent dancer and in fact invented a lot of the actual choreographies. Aaron is very sporty and in the exhibitions includes gymnastics for accompaniment of its concerts. Aaron was born and grown at Tampa, Florida, where its parents bought a house. The family was original of New York, where its naque brother Nick.

Besides its Aaron brother greater Nick (better known to be a limb of the Backstreet Boys), has other three sisters, twins it Angel Carter, that is a model, Bobbie Jean Carter, and Leslie Carter. It has also a stepsister of name Ginger, been born from the first marriage of its father. In the June 2005, has given the welcome to Kanden (given from the new marriage of its father). It has also another stepsister, Taelyn, gives birth of the new wife of its father. Aaron began its musical career to the age of 7 years, passing two years how singing some band "Dead End" from which it is dissociated because decided do alternate music and he wanted to continue with the pop one.

It had nine years when fece its first apparition singing "Crush On You," opening the concert of the Backstreet Boys to Berlin in the March one 1997. The performance was followed from a contract record, and in the autumn of 1997 Aaron published its individual first, "Crush On You", I continue then to its first homonymous album Aaron Carter.

The following album, "Aaron' s Party (Like Get It)" (26 September 2000), was realized in the United States under the prestigious label JIVE. The album collected a considerable success to world level and ricevette 3 disks of platinum and 1 disk of gold (3.5 corrupt millions of copies), vendendone 1.5 alone millions in the United States and reaching the fourth place like more sold album in the USA in the prestigious listing American Billboard. "Aaron' s Party" was accompanied from a DVD containing musical video (10 October 2000) and from a DVD Live (31 July 2001).

To the age of 13 years, Aaron registrò the album "Oh Aaron" (7 August 2001) that it is opened with a made duet with its brother Nick. "Oh Aaron" was accompanied from a DVD with the same name (26 March 2002) that contained its concert of 2001 to Baton Rouge in Louisiana, interviews and musical video. The toys of manufacturer house "Play Along Toys" created also a doll representing Aaron Casing in occasion of the gone out some album.

The successive work was "Another Earthquake" (3 September 2002), realized during 2002 with of the restrained rock and rap. The album contained the song from the subject patriotico "America TO OR"." and the romantic one "I Give You Remember."

Most Requested Hits November 3 of 2003 was published, and groups the more well-known than its last songs three album and an individual novelty, "One Better".

Aaron published its individual novelty "Saturday Night" March 22 2005 and promoted it during its "Remix Tour" of the summer 2005. The song also is contained in the soundtrack of the film "Pop Star" (15 October 2005).

It collaborated also in a lot other soundtracks, like that of "Pokémon: The First Movie" (1999), "Rugrats In Paris: The Movie" (2000), Jimmy Neutron: Boy genius (2001), and "Pretty Princess" (2001). In the July of 2000 its mother it published the a book for the fans of Aaron Carter, "The Little Prince Pop of" : After to have writer its biography.

During the reality show House Of Carters, sees Aaron work to its new long-awaited album for the half of 2007. Aaron and Nick created their record house personnel called "Carter Bros". It says itself that the new album of Aaron will be more instigator to a style Hip-Hop and except for orientated verse its old style "Pop". The video of its individual novelty will begin to go in wave on MTV to leave from January 2007.

In wait of the gone out of its new album, Aaron undertook also the career of actor. His apparitions in television include the made-for-tv movie like Lizzie McGuire, Sabrina life from witch, and Seventh sky.

In the April 2001 Aaron debuted to Broadway in Seussical the Musical of Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, with the part of "JoJo the Who."

Aaron ottenne in 2004 a small part in the comedy The Mine Big Fat Friend Albert (Fat Albert). Its first true important role was in the film Popstar (2005) in which the story is inspired to its true life. It has besides interpreted the role of a pilot of motocross in the film Supercross (2005).

Aaron and other limb of its family created a reality show "House Of Carters", transmitted in the United States for the first time in the autumn 2006, where the brothers Casing live in the same house. Aaron is very capable in the sport, specially the sport aquatici (swimming, surf, veils), but puts into practice also golf, baseball, American football and motocross. In fact it maintains a physical very athletic one.

It is also a good gambler of basket ball. In tour it is amused to play us with its contributors. It had to its flank Shaquille OR neal for the video "That' s How THE Beat Shaq" in the January 2001. Uniting itself with its brother greater Nick, in California, played with the squad of basket ball Hollywood Knights to get money to the schools of Los Angeles.

Aaron links to the sport also a lot of training. To 14 years considerable its migliorò physicist and fece to increase the actual weight from 54 kg to 63 kg. Aaron showed its fine physicist is in the concerts that in the photographic services, showing itself often to nude torso.

Been born in Florida, it holds us to the safety of the locality of the everglades. To 15 years appeared in an American video of the baywatches to promote the use of the jackets of rescue.

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