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Too much information

Information overload in one of the things which most bothers nowadays. Everithing in overwhelming and confusing. There are virtual friends to pester and in the real life meetings to attend and so on. A survey shoes that the data deluge spoils job satisfacion and personal relationships and damages your health. Moreover managers think most of the information they receive is useless.

Commentators have coined a profusion of phrases to define this phenomenon: "data asphyxiation" "data smog" "time famine" . Stick-in-the-muds complain about bew technologies cause workers and business men have to be continually on the jump nowadays (from here the origin of the word "business man"=busy man)

The combination of omnipresence and the dizzying number of information in the problem. Smartphones keep men welded on them. Moreover employees are squezzed out by their companies, which means being compelled to take on extra tasks for example; just beacause they are reluctant to hire new people.

Surely there some ruses to curbe the cacophony:
- Technological answer: create software in order to filter this "data fog" by adding more personal information (some people fret it will breach our privacy) but it will provide more accurate research.
- Willpower: do your thing one at a time; you will spend less time than doing them contemporary, having done them better and with more pleasure. Pity it is not enough.

Managment consultant have spotted three principles to face the data overload: 1) find time to focus, 2) filter out noise and 3) forget about work when you can. Also business leader are chipping in. We have to oreserve our "thinking time" and not be disturbed. Unfortunately the common sense is rare amid the cacophony of everyday life.

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