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Crime Victims

Andy, 15
This happened just outside my school. It was only about half past four and these boys stopped me. One boy said that if I didn’t give them my mobile, they’d hurt me. What could I do? They looked really aggressive. This kind of thing has happened to loads of my mates.

Louise, 20
I got home after work at the hospital, turned on the light, and immediately knew that something was wrong. The flat was a complete mess. There was stuff all over the carpet. I felt really sick and frightened. They only took the TV and Video player, but it’s the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

Jenny, 21
I had an old second-hand car untill two weeks ago. I went to drive into town and discovered that it was missino. I looked fori t in all the nearly streets and then I went to the police. They said that kids were stealing lots of cars in the area. They found mine two days later. It was completely burned out.

Ducan, 17
I was going to a party with my girlfriend on New Year’s Eve when a gang blocked the way in front of us. There were girls as well as guys and they were quite drunk. They told u sto get out of their way. Then as we were walking past, they grabbed us and pushed u sto the round. A bloke tooke my wallet and they stole my girlfriend’s purse and she got a nasty cut on her arm. It was a really bad start to the new year.

George, 75 and Shirley, 68
A man came to our front door. He looked very respectable. He said he was from the city council and that we had to pay £100 to have our windows repaired. That’s a lot of money to us but we paid him. This happened two months ago and we haven’t heard from him since then. Another retired couple in our street paid him £250!

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