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Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin – to the registry Alexander Rae Baldwin III – (New York, 3 April 1958) is an American actor. Been born in 1958 to New York, third of 5 brothers, since small has in the blood the performance until to 9 years is protagonist of a film amateur from the title Frankenstein. Before pressing on the stage should work like waiter, driver and vendor of t-shirts.

It has three brothers, all actors: Daniel, Stephen and William Baldwin, known like the brothers Baldwin.

In 1979 it enters in the prestigious Academy Studios and to the age of 28 years debuts in the television film The currency ripped (1986) di Glenn Jordan. The large success of the work the door to begin in the cinema with Forever Lulu (1987). Hence it begins the climb with Beetlejuice - Goblin porcello (1988) of Tim Burton and Radio Talk (1988) of Oliver Stone. In the same year it will give life to two memorable characters of "sciupafemmine", in A woman in career and A cheerful widow but not too much, that will determine its ascent to Hollywood. After the interpretation of a psicopatico in Miami Blues (1989), in fact, Baldwin obtains important roles in major films like Hunting to October Red (1990) with Sean Connery. Also Woody Allen the note and employs it in Anchovy (1990) with My Farrow.

In the Attractive film, blond and says always of itself (1991) meets the future wife Kim Basinger, mother of the adored daughter Ireland; continuous Baldwin its career with Americans (1992), Malic - The suspect (1993) next to Nicole Kidman and Getaway (1994), unlucky remake of the film of Sam Peckinpah. After some other flop (THE MAN shadow of 1995) the career of Baldwin undergoes a beaten of stopping, partially compensated for from interesting roles from "bad" like that of the gunman De The sworn (1996), of the envious photographer De THE ROAR of the hatred (1997) and of the mysterious colonel in Code Mercury (1998). In 2002 it is protagonist of the film Hollywood, Vermont and in the same year divorces from the Basinger.

In the last years Baldwin seems to be skilled in the role of arrogant captain of industry, and is very asked for in film of outstanding, what The Aviator (2004) of Martin Scorsese, Elizabethtown (2005) with Bordering Bloom, Dick and Jane - Operation theft (2005) with Jim Carrey, The Departed (2006) of Scorsese and The Good Shepherd - THE SHADOW of the power of and with Robert De Niro.

From 2006, it interprets the role of Jack Donaghy in the serious TV 30 Rock in wave on the issuing NBC. In The Film Notting Hill Alec Baldwin does a walk-on in the role of Jeff King, the fiancé of the protagonist. Tant' is true that the artist is not cited not even in the titles of tail. In 2003 it obtains a nomination to the Raids Awards in the category peggior actor not protagonist of the year for its interpretation in The cat... and the crazy hat.
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