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We like visiting monuments related to religion, like sanctuaries or cathedrals. In fact, when we went to Cracovia in Poland we visited the Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy and the largest square in Europe, called Market square. We visited the salt mine of Wieliczka 327 meters deep where we saw the underground salt cathedral with its many statues. We also went to Auschwitz which made me very sad. I think that everybody at least once in their life should go to Auschwitz to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust , so not to forget all the cruelty that the 6 million Jews went through . We went to Belgium. We visited Bruxelles which is a very fascinating city full of ancient castles, they are amazing! We saw the European Parliament and the European Council. What I found funny about the place is he symbol of the city, which is a child peeing called MannekenPis.
His clothes are changed every month, so you will never se him We visited Brugge too, where I went skating in a very big square, where during the winter period they make a skating rink. It started snowing and the bridges over the canals became covered with snow, so it became very romantic.As I love playing the piano, we decided to visit Beethoven’s house in Germany)which has now become a museum. It was a nice experience because I found myself sharing this wonderful experience with people having my same devotion for one of the most genius composers of all times. Being in Germany we decided to go to Colonia and Berlin. In Colonia we visited the Cathedral of St. Peter and Mary, the third Highest in the world and the second in Germany, while in Berlin I saw the Berlin Wall and Alexander Place and the Brandenburg Gate .
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