Snacks are easily cooked light meals. They are served in-between the three main meals or after a period of strenuous activity. Different types bid snacks can be prepared from locally available food. These include potato chips, yam chips, plantain chips, fried ripe plantain, sandwiches, etc.

Guidelines for the preparation and serving of snacks:
1) The snack should be balanced.
2) It should be light and easy to digest.
3) It should not prevent the individual fro eating the main meals.
4) Snacks should be served with suitable drinks.

Preparation of chips:
Chips can be prepared from green plantain, yam, potatoes, etc.
-wash and peel plantain ( yam or potatoes)
-slice thinly and season slightly with salt.
-fry in deep oil until it is crisp and light brown.

drain in a clean basket or kitchen paper, leave to cool and serve.

Grounded beans balls
1 cup of beans (cowpea)
1 small onion
vegetable oil
salt to taste
pepper to taste.

-pick the beans and wash to remove seed coats.
-grind into a very smooth paste.
-stir in a mortar using the pestle, adding a little water at a time. This incorporates air.
-continue stirring until mixture becomes light and fluffy.
add chopped onions, pepper and salt to taste.
-fry in deep hot oil until golden brown then serve hot.

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