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The white man's Burden by R.Kipling (1899)

This poem by Rudyard Kipling is a celebration of colonialism as a duty and a burden for the White Man. It was written in 1899 on occasion of the US's occupation of the Philippines but it was intended for all White colonizers.
The poet exhorts the Europeans to go and annex new territories and help the natives become civilized.

The idea behind the poem is that the European model of civilization is superior to the indigenous one and that Western civilization and technology are a gift to the colonized and something the White Man is responsible for.
The White Man has to educate, civilize and uplift the people of the colonies to the level of the people of the motherland.
No reward is to be expected, the English should not call upon their own glory but try to protect and defend their colonies from the rival world Powers or the threats of home rebellion (ll.9-16).
The natives are described as 'sullen, silent, half innocent and half wicked' (see ll.7 and 8). They seem a little dumb and they do not recognize the gift the Europeans are providing. So, they are ungrateful for what is granted to them.
However, the natives are never asked whether they want to be civilized because the White Man thinks they are not even conscious of their rights, they are less than human.
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