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Kipling spends the first part of his life in India, then he was sent in England. When it arrived in England it was not so happy, because in India he was free, the school was free and he could live in the nature, instead in England its first year was terrible, after this it returned in India deciding to paint all the landscapes, the nature and the fauna of the place.
Kim has been his masterpiece where he describes all the details that he remembered in India as the merchants. Kim is an orphan boy, he has been adopted by the people of the place, he learns to live making them treasure of all of this that succeeds in understanding some place.
Kipling was the best writer that he could represent better the British empire. He was the first English writer to have the prize nobel for the literature in the 1907. He was born in India in Bombai in 1865, his family was English and gives the job of his father, that was a teacher of art and he taught an a school in India, spent his first 6 years of life in India. During these 6 years it learned to love the Indian landscapes and their style of life. To the 6 year-old age he was sent in England as the English children in India, because this was the English tradition.
The first years in England were very difficult for Kipling because owed accept the hard English rules in the English school and in the entertaining family. To the 17 year-old age it returned in India where it was able of to get in in the hold intellectual society even if it didn't belong to an aristocratic or military hierarchy. He began to write as a journalist participating in the meetings with the intellectuals of the group which helped him/it to develop his knowledges.
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