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Kim: Kipling's materpiece

He began to write novels, among these there was her/it "Departmental DTTS" where it expressed one positive opinion of his and besides he/she writes "Claim tails from the hills." They often speak of the English political situation in India in satirical tone. These two jobs were not successful in India for guilt of the subjects, but they became very famous in England where he got a lot of success.
The book of the jungle and Kim, his masterpiece was written describing the Indian landscapes, animals, cried and every detail of the life Indiana.
Even if he lived in India he was an English man but him it loved both the nations, in fact he was a supporter of the "raj", a word that means the English role in India. In his vision Kipling was a supporter of the "civilizing role" of the white man. In fact he saw only the positive aspects in the colonialism. Even if it was difficult, he/she saw only positive things because in his/her opinion the colonialism fills full the mouth of famine.


Kim is Kimball O'Hara, the thirteen year-old orphan son or fan Irish soldier who died in India. Since his father's death he has been brought up as an Indian by to local woman; he is thus perfectly bilingual and knows the city of Lahore, where he lives as to waif, inside out. Kim is quick sociable, full of resources; everybody likes him, and they call him "Little Friend of All the World." He meets to Tibetan holy hand in search of to sacred river and decides to accompany him on his pilgrimage. After several adventures Kim comes across his father's old regiment, is adopted by them, and eventually becomes an agent of the British Secret Service.

I know Kim has become to Tibetan Lama's disciple and is to accompany on his pilgrimage to Benares, where the sacred river flows. Before they set out on their journey they must find to place for the night. Kim, who knows the city of Lahore and is used to manage in all situation, takes the Blade to the Kashmir Serai, located inside the Indian bazaar
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