Temi in lingua inglese

  1. Meditation

    Appunto con breve tema in lingua inglese che descrive la meditazione come un' efficace soluzione allo stress quotidiano.
  2. Memorable Holiday Weekend

    Tema scritto in inglese che descrive un esperienza indimenticabile trascorsa durante le vacanze estive.
  3. Methods Of Payment

    Riassunto semplice ma allo stesso tempo abbastanza completo di inglese commerciale sui principali metodi di pagamento
  4. Mind Map - Example Of An Embarassing Moment, Presentation And Funny Clauses

    How to creat a mind map (an example of an embarassing moment) mostly requested by teachers and funny ways of presenting them without going out of topic.
  5. Mind Map - It Was So Embarrassing

    Writting a mind map about an embarrassing experience that happened to you or someone else. Even without using real name, here's an example.
  6. Mobile Phones Are Essential For Modern Life

    Testo con traduzione di lingua inglese relativo all'essenzialità del telefono cellulare nella vita moderna
  7. Modelli Per Lettere In Inglese.

    Utilissimi modelli su cui basare le vostre lettere d'inglese.
  8. Monk - New Type Of Intellectual

    Appunto in lingua inglese sul fondatore del monachesimo: origini e formazione del Monaco-intellettuale.
  9. Multiculturalism

    Tema di inglese sul multiculturalismo e sulla diversità - composition example - esempio di composizione
  10. My First Ship Cruise

    I have always wanted to go on a ship cruise, so my father decided to take us on a Mediterranean cruise last summer. We got up at 7 o’clock ,packed an our suitcases and went to Naples Port. As soon as we arrived ,we loaded the suitcases on th
  11. My Best Friend And I. Her Personality And Our Life Together

    My best friend is Jsnr. She's older than me. I met her at school , in the second year. At first I thought she was nasty because she didn’t speak to anyone
  12. My Best Holiday In Spain

    Appunto di Lingua inglese che descrive come passare le vacanze migliori in Spagna nel corso dell'estate.
  13. My Best Holidays

    Tema di Lingua inglese che descrive le migliori vacanze in Jamaica, Cuba, England, Germany, France, Spain, Egypt.
  14. My Favourite Sport...basketball

    Basketball is my favorite sport. I started to play Basketball two years ago. On my first day I was excited, but I didn’t know anything about this sport.
  15. My Four-Legged Friend

    I’ve bred dogs since I was a child, because my family has bred and trained dogs for two generations. We have a kennel in Rome, the name is “Dog’s World” where we have many dogs of different breeds but the dog I prefer is the German Shepherd to other bre
  16. My Job - Private Teacher

    When I was an university student I used to study many hours a day (about 9) and for this reason I was forced to leave all my hobbies.
  17. My Life, My Voice, My Reason To Be … Dancing

    Topic sulla passione per la danza,Most of people says that this discipline is boring and unattractive. Well, I think they’re wrong because dancing makes you feel free, free to express your feelings or what you want to show
  18. My Own Town...portici

    The origins of Porticiare uncertain. Some authors think that Porticiwas built during the Roman Empire, while other authors think that Porticiwas built around year 500 AD by the Ostrogoths. In 1300 Porticibegan its territorial development and the old cou
  19. My Parent's Shop - Tema

    My family owns a Toy shop here in Rome and we opened our first shop in Naples when I was four. Do i'm sure
  20. My Passion For Cooking - Tema

    My mum is a teacher, and this year she went on a school trip with her students for four days, they went to visit Ravenna in north Italy so I decided to cook for my father.
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