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The Earth

Earth is one of the planets in our solar system and it's our planet.
It is third in distance from the sun and the fifth largest in diameter. Earth moves around the sun in a circular type path.
It is the only planet known to support life, although some of the other planets have atmospheres and contain water.
Crust is the outermost layer. It contains mainly oxygen combined with other elements. There are two types of crust: oceanic and continental. The oceanic crust is very dense and it is made of basalt, the continental crust is less dense and it is made of granite.
Mantle is the middle layer. The mantle is divided into sections, in fact, mantle is made from plaques. this plaques aren't stationary and their movement is studied by a discipline called tectonic.
Core consists of two very hot parts: the outer core and the inner core. Both contain iron and nickel, but the outer core is liquid, while the inner core is solid.
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