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Computers and Internet

Nowadays, computers are gadgets that everyone have at home. Teenagers use computers daily and it's difficult to find someone who can't use them, even if it's not as easy as you think. It gives benefits but also dangers and disadvantages, so you have to know all of the above to be safe on the net or you'll always be in danger. If you're not careful on the sites that you visit, you could take a virus that might steal your personal information saved on your computer, or you can be a victim of spam or cyber-bullying.
The most famous utilization of computers are chatting and surfing on Social Network, search and share opinions, photos and music, and make researches for school, work, or even just for personal information.
The last trend on the internet is having a personal blog or site on services like Blogger or Tumblr where you share your opinions and passions and write about them.
But there are even many risks in talking about yourself on a personal blog for example: you can be a victim of stalking and your identity can be stealed.
Many people,instead,use the net to buy cool gadgets,for example from shops in other cities or countries,like strange t-shirts,modeling accessories,pieces of furniture and so on.
Another very famous service is the online gaming: you don't have to install anything on your computer and you can play with other people too.
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