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American Cookery
When I was 7 my um proposed me to go to McDonald’s but I’ve never heard this name before that. I answered: “I don’t know what it is, but accept”. After we wore and we went to this place, unknown for me.
When we arrived I was surprised. McDonald’s was a place very nice and colored! It was at two flats: at the first there were the bar, the cash and someone tables; at the second there were someone tables and a lot of games! There were someone mattress, a pool with a lot of colored balls, a spring mattress and a wall climbing.
It was magnificent, I loved that.
After we went to the cash and took to eat. I took a hamburger, crisps, a glass of coca and an ice-cream. The hamburger was very good, in it were meat, cheese and cucumbers and I removed the cucumbers because I hated it. The hamburger was nice hot, salty and tender. The crisps were very hot and salty, there were lovely! The ice-cream was fabulous! In it were a lot of m&m’s. It was very cold, sweet and tender.
My mum took a double hamburger, crisps, a water and fruits salad. The hamburger was the same as the my but in her were 2 meat. The crisps as the same as my. In the fruits salad were strawberries, rasp berries, kiwis, bananas and pineapples, my mum loved it!
When I finished to eat has gone to play in the games. I has a really good time, and while I was playing know(o met) a child.
After that day I return many times to McDonald’s and I tasted a lot of typical recipes' American. My favorite dishes are the hamburger with bacon and crisps. I go often to McDonald’s for eat American cookery, I usually go twice a month.
American cookery is one of my favorite cuisine but the majority recipes are unhealthy because are very fat and salty or sweet.
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