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Communication - composition

Communication is a complex social phenomenon on which society is based (Aristotle says that 'men is a social animal'), in fact, we can say that culture exists because human beings communicate with each other. We are born in order to communicate, we cannot live without speaking with other people, in a complete situation of solitude.
Moreover, we can affirm that the communication codes are the result of a social convention among members of a community.
The communication is a process of social interaction, in fact, it has communication when someone sends something to another one.
The communication channel allows the production and the emission of the message.
The code used can be verbal or non-verbal. An example of non-verbal code is body language, which expresses the individual's emotional and affective sphere.
Communication is a form of social interaction through which two or more persons with communicative intentionality (that is a very important element as well) share meanings, or their mental representations of objects, situations or feelings, through a channel and a shared code. In fact, the meanings present in the mind of every individual must be translated and expressed through a common code, that can be verbal or non-verbal, to be shared.

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