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The environmental issue which concerns me the most is pollution in every kind it manifests itself. From the water and the air pollution which are deteriorating our world, to the noise pollution from which we, as well as marine creatures underwater, suffer during our daily life.
Air pollution causes acid rain which is not healthy at all. It is harmful for most living creatures and it can cause great disasters about the globe. Furthermore, the great use of aerosol sprays has brought about the other big environmental problem of the hole in the ozone layer.
Also, water pollution is very dangerous not only for us, but also for the marine fauna and flora that populate the seas and oceans. More and more, the water needs to be purified but it never returns completely clean and pure water will eventually run out. Water pollution can also result in the deterioration of whole ecosystems, and oil spills in coastal areas are just an example of this.
Noise pollution is everywhere around us and can cause a slow reduction in our hearing capabilities, and thus our ways to perceive the outside world. Loud noises can produce a temporal or persistent hearing loss. And if you think that in water the sound travels much faster than in air, these effects cannot be but more pronounced on the marine fauna than on the terrestrial one.
The whole world is in danger because of human activities. And now that these issues are well known, we should all try to be a little more eco-friendly, for example by using our cars less, by throwing waste material in the appropriate rubbish bins and by doing recycling whenever possible.
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