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Steven Spielberg

Steven Allan Spielberg (Cincinnati, 18 December 1946) is a producer, scriptwriter and film producer American.

Winner of two prizes like best Oscar producer, for Schindler' s List, for which wins also the statuette of best film in the garments of producer, and for Saved the soldier Ryan, also received the Lion of gold to the international Show of art film of Venice of 1993 like recognition to the career. In 1987 vinse the Prize to the memory Irving G. Thalberg

It was between the founders of the Amblin Entertainment and more of recent (together with Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen) of the DreamWorks SKG, one of the most important film studios of Hollywood. Spielberg is known from the historians of the like one cinema of the well-known movie brats that contributed in the beginning of the New Hollywood of the years '70: together with the you connect and friends George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese and Brian De Palm, Spielberg crebbe realizing film. Still teenager, began with its friends to turn film of adventure in 8mm (some stages of these film were included like bonus in the edition DVD of Saved the soldier Ryan). Always it confessed that it had a large influence from the producer David Lean.

In 1968, to twenty-two years, it realized its first short destined to to be projected in the salt, Amblin, from that takes the name the first movie studio from him been based on, the Amblin Entertainment.

After to have some law episodes of varied television show, in 1971 Spielberg, rifacendosi to a story of Richard Matheson, directed its first feature film, titled Duel, which, simply having destined to the Tv, was more late distributed also in the film salt. The film (television drama from the same Matheson) is the story of a "duel" between a truck driver and a common driver, and became in the time a cult, more time intended in video home. The film debut of Spielberg avvenne with Sugarland Express, and been worth him excellent critics and the opportunity of to direct The shark (1975), a horror film based on the story of Peter Benchley. The film vinse three Oscar and packed about 470 millions of dollars, a record for the period, ensuring so a place in the story of the cinema to the producer.

In 1976 to Spielberg venne asked from Alexander Salkind of to direct the first film on Superman, but the producer decided to refuse to give life to a project that had in mind already from boy, finally ready to to be realized, a film on the FREE: You meet reconciled of the third type (1977), become a classic of the science fiction.

The successive film of Spielberg was 1941: You alarm to Hollywood, a comedy acclimated to Los Angeles few day after the attack of Pearl Harbor and interpreted from two stars of the Saturday Night Live Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi. The film resulted the first flop of Spielberg. But more important his works, Spielberg the girò to leave from the years '80. In 1981, collaborò for the first time with the friend George Lucas, survivor from the success of the Star saga of Wars, to realize THE predators of the coffer lost, with Harrison Ford (that also Lucas had used in its film) in the role dell' archeologist-Indian adventurer Jones. The saga ebbe two sequel, always directed by Spielberg and produced from Lucas, Indian Jones and the damned and Indian temple Jones and the last crusade.

A year after the first adventure of Indian Jones, Spielberg returned at its passion for the aliens giving life to E. T. l' extra-earthly, a story of inspiration disneyana on the friendship between a boy and a small alien, that feared with its help of to return house. And. T. batté still a time all of the record of collection of the period, remaining unsurpassed for a lot of years.

Although their large success, little critics considered The predators either E. T. to the level of classics of the cinema like The Godfather or Fourth Power. Some of the film more "serious" and pledged some producer, like The empire of the sun and The purple color I am an effective reply to this sottovalutazione.

Spielberg experienced more times without success to turn a version from the living person of the story of Peter Pan. In 1991, decided to create an actual story beyond that classic: Hook - Capitan hook discusses of a Peter Pan of mezz' age (interpreted from Robin Williams), that returns to the island that there is not to confront the old enemy, Capitan Hook (interpreted from Dustin Hoffman).
In 1993, determined Spielberg still a time of to dedicate itself to a film of adventure, turning the screen adaptation of the story of Michael Crichton Jurassic Park. Acclimated on a tropical island inhabited from dinosaurs restored in life with the genetic engineering, the film batté the record of collection of AND. T. l' extra-earthly and was surpassed in this alone listing from the Titanic of James Cameron).

It was in the same one year than Spielberg is earned finally the mature consideration of producer also from the critic, thanks to Schindler' s List. Based on the true story of Oskar Schindler, a rich industrial one German that sacrificed all its you have simply of to save more possible Jews during the holocaust, the film been worth him its first Oscar like best producer, and vinse also the like best prize film. Spielberg refused of esser paid for this film, but the money had been destined to an organization for the victims of the holocaust. After the success of these two large film, that yielded him in all ten Oscar (7 for Schindler' s List and 3 for Jurassic Park), Spielberg returned at the alone direction in 1997. It directed the I continue of Jurassic Park, The world lost, that realized immediately large collections. After which it go to the direction of Amistad, film that it is based on the deportation of the black slaves from the Africa in the United States during the nineteenth century. In the film you buy star like Morgan Freeman and Anthony Hopkins. The film ottenne four appointment to the Oscar in 1998. The successive work of Spielberg began in the June 1997, with the renewals of the attesissimo Saved the soldier Ryan. In the cast they are present Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore and Edward Burns. The film, centered on the landing in Normandy in June 6 1944, immediately large critic of approvals ottenne and excellent collections, above all in Italy. Well-known to care the first 24 minutes that open the event: Spielberg intends in raw and realistic manner the landing of the Allies on the coasts of the Normandy. The film earned eleven nomination to the oscar and of it vinse quite five: best direction, photography, assembly, resonant and resonant effects.

In 2001, Spielberg directed a film based on the last project of the colleague and friend Stanley Kubrick, A.I. - Artificial Intelligence, a project than Kubrick had planned for years but that had not succeeded to put in production before the death. The futuristic story of an androide in search of love is made use of of special effects innovative, but unlucky the film it is not revealed a blockbuster like Spielberg had hoped.

Later on, Spielberg returned again to the success thanks to a new film of science fiction, Minority Report (2002), based on a story of Philip K. Dick and interpreted from Tom Cruise in the role of a policeman of the future in escape from the actual future. It experiences to take me (always of 2002) instead it was based on the true story of Frank W. Abagnale Jr., a swindler that succeeded to live selling itself for pilot of airplane, medical and lawyer, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.

In 2004, Spielberg used still Hanks for The Terminal, a film freely instigator to the story of the iranian Mehran taken refuge Nasseri, that from 1988 living person blocked in the terminal 1 of the airport Charles De Gaulle of Paris. Spielberg moved the story to New York, and Hanks a living became dell' East-Europe.

The successive film marked the return of Spielberg to the type that good part of its reputation gave him, the science fiction. The war of the worlds, I discuss from the classic homonym of Herbert George Wells and of which already in 1953 stroke had been a film of success, had a budget of 200 millions of dollars and was interpreted from Tom Cruise and Miranda Eight. At first the film should have been turned in 2006, but the drift of the projects of Spielberg (Munich), and Cruise (Mission: Impossible III) of it fece anticipate the renewals.

The same day of the gone out world of the film Spielberg began the renewals of the successive work, Munich, film on the tragic events of the Black September, to leave from the tragedy of the massacre of Monk, the dramatic assassination of 11 Israeli athletes to the summer Olympic Games of Monk 1972 and the successive revenge of the Israeli government. The film is based on the suitable script from the winner of the Prize Pulitzer Tony Kushner, together to Eric Roth, from the book-question Revenge (Vengeance: The True Story of an Israel Counter-Terrorist Team), of the Canadian journalist George Jonas. The film was applauded from the like one critic of its film more mature and received 5 nomination all' Oscar, but did not obtain no of the prestigious statuettes. Fault perhaps of the numerous polemics is drawn around the film to the inside of the same Israeli community.

The future projects of Spielberg include a film on Abramo Lincoln, with Liam Neeson (expected for 2009) and Indian Jones and the kingdom of the skull of crystal them that taken again are concluded and the exit in the salt is expected for May 23 2008.

Artistic consultant for the Olympic Games of Beijing of 2008 it was named.

In an article appeared on the Reuters July 27 of 2007, Spielberg could renounce to this assignment, for protest against the China on the matter of the Darfur.
Spielberg produces (without to direct) a considerable number of film and cardboard enlivened, of whom always a lover was. It can be considered the discoverer of Robert Zemeckis, and was productive of the series of cartoon Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid.

It was based on the Dreamworks SKG together with Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen (that compongono the other letters of the name of the company), that produces all its film to leave from "Amistad" in 1997.

To I continue some success of public and critic of Schindler' s List, in 1993 Spielberg was based on the Shoah Visual History Foundation, an organization not-profit with the objective of to build a video file that collects the depositions of the survivors of the holocaust. To the former wife Amy Irving paid 73 millions of dollars to be able to divorce.

Spielberg is married with the actress Kate Capshaw, that recited for him in Indian Jones and the damned temple. It has seven sons, four of which biological: Max from its previous marriage with the actress Amy Irving, Sasha, Sawyer and Destry from its marriage present, Theo and Mikaela, adopted, and a "stepchild", Jessica Capshaw.

It is a supporter of the Democratic Party American and in 1996 gave 100,000 dollars to this party.

Spielberg is the godfather of two well-known American actresses: Gwyneth Paltrow and Drew Barrymore.

Spielberg is one of the richest persons to Hollywood. According to Forbes its property reviewed it amounts to 2.900.000.000 of dollars.

May 27 2002 received the degree in Literature to the university of Yale.

Producer of the trilogy I Return to the future, Spielberg possiede an of three De Lorean CUBIC DECIMETRES-12 changed used during the renewals of the first film.

# In 1982, Quite Kingsley vinse the Prize like best Oscar actor and Richard Attenborough that for the best direction for Gandhi, that batté the film of Spielberg E. T. l' extra-earthly like best film. Eleven years after, in 1993, Steven Spielberg used Richard Attenborough in the role of John Hammond in Jurassic Park (its first interpretation for 13 years) and Quite Kingsley in Schindler' s List. With this last film, Spielberg vinse the like best prize direction and best film.
# To Spielberg offer had been the direction of the series of Harry Potter, but refused because did not be able to carry out the casting personally. Between the other projects "been lacking" from Spielberg: Rain Man and Superman. While in 1993 Spielberg it offered to Roman Polanski the direction of Schindler' s list but these refused.
# Being at the agreements of a bet with the producer George Lucas, Spielberg packs 2.5% of the coming incomes from Star Wars, while Lucas does as much with the revenue of the film Meetings reconciled of the third type.
# says Itself that the producer, since has the fear of the earthquakes, wanted the actual office to the ground floor, and to its inside a motorcycle, so in case of.

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