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Martin Scorsese

Martin Marcantonio Luciano Scorsese (New York, 17 November 1942) is a producer, scriptwriter, actor and film producer American, of Italian origins. Considered one of the producers hinge of the New Hollywood, Scorsese is retained from one a lot of film critics of the better American producers. Its film recount of fault, erred and religion.
Its style was influenced from the Nouvelle French Vague, from the Italian Neorealismo and from the independent cinema of John Cassavetes, and is done of sequences virtuosistiche and of a violence iperrealista. Martin Scorsese November 17 is born 1942 to Flushing (NY) from Luciano Charles Scorsese and Caterina Cloak, but since child is transferred with the family in the Queens. The grandfathers emigrated from the Sicily, to the beginnings of the XX century. Cultivated Scorsese since small a passion for the cinema, accomplice also the asthma, illness that during the youthful years the not little procurò problems, limitandolo also in the sporty activity. Given than not possiede a cinecamera draws imaginary storyboard of film, with a lot of sumptuous cast. Towards the 1956 it studies to become priest, but changes soon idea, and in 1960 it is registered to the course of cinematography of the New York University, where directs the its first shorts, in 16 mm, among which The large shave, short symbol for a whole generation of filmmakers of the New Hollywood, which is at the base of everything the filmography scorsesiana (the restrained characters in this short will be Successive of the producer Italian-American). The first feature film has a gestation complicated. In 1965, thanks to a loan of the NYU, it begins the renewals of a film titled Bring On the dance Hall Girls, but interrupts it because does not please to no. In 1967, behind advice of its professor Haig Manoogian, takes again to work the film, turning in 16 mm and intitolandolo The Call First. After to have added an erotic sequence, behind advice of the producer, Scorsese does to go out the film in 1969, with the definitive title Who is knocking to my door?. The film is interpreted from Harvey Keitel, and marks the beginning of the collaboration of Scorsese with the Barbaric produttrice De Does and the montatrice Thelma Schoonmaker. During the vicissitudes of Who it is knocking to my door? Scorsese comes called to direct THE killers of the honeymoon, but after a week of renewals comes replaced from Leonard Kastle. In 1970 it participates in the documentary Woodstock, how assisting to the direction and like supervisor of the assembly. The same year directs the military road of Stage documentary 1970, checking the shows against the war of the Vietnam. To the beginnings of the years '70 leaves New York for Hollywood, and enters in the factory of Roger Corman. The first work that receives an immense distribution comes actual product from the American International Pictures of Corman: America 1929 - You It It without pity (1972), with Barbaric Hershey and David Carradine. The first one happened important the successive year with Mean obtains it Streets, turned with the same staff of the previous film. In the film you buy for the first some time of the stylistic strokes bosses typical of the production of the American producer: from the human point of view, the protagonists are not only common persons, often almost banal, but true and actual antiheroes cast out, while from the artistic point of view Scorsese runs back to an unusual photography, gone along with from the special direction and from the popular music; besides, often in game The religion and the life of the gangster. From not to underestimate also the fact that, between the other things, the film marked the beginning of the prolific collaboration of Scorsese with Robert De Niro, presentatogli from Brian De Palm, that l will become' actor-fetish of Scorsese and protagonist of some of more important its film. After to have immediately some critics, according to the that would not have known shoot a film of women, turns how answered Anchovy does not live more here (1974), and the protagonist Ellen Burstyn wins the prize like better Oscar actress. The successive film was italian-american (1974), that Scorsese always declared to be its favored between his films. It is discussed of a documentary on its parents, that it throws a look on the life of the Italian immigrants to New York, in the Italian district Little Italy. Returned at its dear town, Scorsese began to develop the idea for what then would have become one of more important its film, Taxi Driver, applauded from critic and public like a masterpiece since its first apparition. In the role of the taxi driver it appears of new Robert De Niro, and the film vinse the Palm of gold to the Festival of Cannes of 1976.
Subsequently Scorsese dedicates to the actual town a whole film, New York, New York (1977), a musical that sees still the italian-american actor, supported from Liza Minnelli, in the role of the protagonist. Although the ambitious project and an excellent cast, this film not ottenne a good verification, and venne absolutely considered for a long time like a film do not succeeded.
It succeeded to take again itself thanks to a new project already in site, a documentary on the last exhibition live of the musical group The Band. In the film appaiono you turn famous like Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and a lot other. The result admires it in the film-concert THE LAST waltz (1978), that collected a large success in the festival and between the lovers of the pop music, make go back the quotations of Scorsese, that however go through a period of depression and in the September 1978 was hospitalized, later on to an inside emorraggia. Taken again themselves thanks also to the help of De Niro, that wild Bull proposes to turn him, the biography of the italian-american boxer Jake Blade, instigator to its autobiography.
Wild bull, turned for artistic reasons entirely in white and black, divenne in short a true and actual film cult, and is considered between the milestone stones of the American cinema. To interpret l' former-boxer in decline, Robert De Niro, still a time protagonist for Scorsese, gained weight of 30 kilos, arriving to have problems of health in the last days of the renewals (that had been hastened to allow the actor of to return in health). The metamorphosis been worth him the prize like better Oscar actor.
The couple Scorsese-De Niro, however, did not finish still the artistic association, but gave life to another film little years after, King for a night, an I retract pitiless of the paradoxical attitudes dictated from the search for the prides. In the film it appears an unpublished Jerry Lewis, in an unusual dramatic role.
In 1985 Scorsese it turns a small independent film, overtime, considered one of its jewlery. The film wins the Palm of gold to the Festival of Cannes of 1986, like best direction. In 1986 Scorsese it turns a film on commission: The color of the money, with Paul Newman and Tom Cruise, is the sequel De The spaccone, and fruit to Newman the Prize like best Oscar actor.
One of the most ambitious projects of the producer always it that had been of to do a film on the life of Jesus. In 1983 it seemed to be able to be possible to do the film, but the Paramount refused of it, later on to some polemics aside of catholic associations. The dream of Scorsese itself avverò in 1988 when adapted for the large screen a story of the Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis.
The film that of it venne outside provoked a large scandal: The last temptation of Christ, with Willem Dafoe, since its first apparitions lifted strong protests and threats of boycott. The film confronts, in fact, a subject from always very delicate, that is Jesus like "man" before God.
After a collaboration with Francis Ford Coppola and Woody Allen for the triptych New York Stories - Stories of New York (1989), Scorsese began to work the successive project, a gangster-movie, Those capable boys (1990), centered on the criminal world newyorkese. Joe Fish wins a like best Oscar actor not protagonist, for its interpretation of a ruthless gunman. Scorsese had signed a special contract with the Universal Pictures: in exchange for the production De THE LAST temptation of Christ, would have shot a film commercialer, Heads Fear - The promontory of the fear, that carried to limit in 1991.
The successive film (stroke from the work I Reward Pulitzer of the writer Edith Wharton) was THE AGE of the innocence (1993), that it is detached strong from the typical mailing of the films of Scorsese: is a film in custom from the slight touches, intimist, rich of visual details, that denounces the hypocrisy and the respectabilities of the society in the New York of half nine hundred. Perhaps the sole feature film of the producer in which the violence is not shown and explicit, but sottotraccia, inherent in the behaviors of the "society well" of that I make sentences, that did not tolerate dispensations to the lecterns done not write some morality. The film is interpreted from Daniel Day-Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer and Winona Ryder. In 1995 it goes out in the cinema with absolutely two new film. The first one is Casino, with Sharon Stone, Robert De Niro and Joe Fish, on the birth and the decline of the criminal bands of Las Vegas from the years '70 in then, while the second, in reality more a documentary, A century of cinema - Journey in the American cinema of Martin Scorsese, examines critically the evolution of the film art of Hollywood. In 1997 it turns Kundun, dedicated to the exile of the Dalai Blade and to its year abroad, and receives a prestigious decoration to life from the afi (American Film Institute). In 1999 it returns behind the car from taken with on the other side of the life, a drama with Nicholas Cage in the role of a paramedical one on the edge of a nervous crisis, that marks the return of Scorsese to New York. To the script it is yourselves again Paul Schrader, scriptwriter of the most important film of Scorsese. This choice comes confirmed with the successive film, an imposing production turned quesi entirely in the studies of Cinecittà in Rome (sceneries of Giving Ferretti) : Gangs of New York, film that Scorsese had in mind sin from 1970, and that after much vicissitudes realizes in 2003, a fresco on the story of the roots of New York, and of the United States. Between the protagonists Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis and Cameron Diaz. In 2005 it is the time of The Aviator (2005), on the life of the legend of Hollywood Howard Hughes, for which the protagonist Leonardo DiCaprio won the Golden Globes like best actor. Also in this case has been about an imposing production, and still a time the sceneries were treated from Giving Ferretti.
Its last work is The Departed, gone out in the autumn of 2006, and that sees to consolidate the artistic association with Leonardo DiCaprio, in which Scorsese seems to have found its novelty "actor-fetish"; to note that DiCaprio had been signalled him actual from Robert De Niro, with which the producer previously had formed a stainless couple. For this work receives, finally, the like best oscar producer.
It began in 2007 the preparation of a film on the life of George Harrison; according to the producer, the music dell' former Beatles is a spiritual search.
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