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Streep Meryl

Mary Louise Streep (Summit, 22 June 1949) is an American actress. She is the actress that currently holds the record of nomination to the Oscar Prize, well 14; she has won two of them: one as supporting actress for Kramer against Kramer and another as actress protagonist for You choice of Sophie. The method of recitation of Meryl originates from the teachings learned to the Actor's Study, and particularly the seam of recitation doing head to Stella Adler (derived by the method Stanislavskij seen again by Lee Strasberg), for which the character that the actor must interpret is given above all by the physical actions of the actor himself.
She is born to Summit, New Jersey, father United States of German origins and mother of Irish origins and English. It grows to Bernardsville New Jersey. She wants to become soprano but it changes mind starting to study recitation. The Bachelor receives of Arts in play to the Vassar College and is earned the Master Elegant of Arts to the school of play to the university of Yale. In the first film in which it appears, Julia (Julia), in 1977 it has a small and irrelevant part (it is present only in 2 scenes, of a few minutes each). In 1978 it participates in the her according to film: The hunter (The Deer Hunter), and it earns her first candidacy to the Oscar as good supporting actress. The following year wins the figurine as best supporting actress in Kramer against Kramer (Kramer vs. Kramer) and in 1982 again win, this time as best actress protagonist, for You choice of Sophie (Sophie's Choice).

In 1978 her first Emmy Award wins for the miniserie Holocaust (Holocaust). Later one year participates in the film of Woody Allen Manhattan. In 1981 she works with Jeremy Irons in the dramatic one you woman of the French (The French Lieutenant's Woman) lieutenant, in 1985 it participates in Plenty but soprattuto to her my Africa (1985) of Sidney Pollack with Robert Redford in which Karen Blixen interprets. Continuous with Heartburn - Business of heart (Heartburn) that it interprets in 1986 with Jack Nicholson and Ironweed (1987) directed by Hector Babenco. In A cry in the night (To Cry in the Dark) it recites the role of Lindy Chamberlain, Australian mother accused of the death of her daughter, acquitted then. In the 1989 performance in She Devil. From 1984 to 1990 the actress is awarded six People'ses Choice Awards and in the same year World is decreed Favorite, You Preferred of the World. In the nineties it gets very different roles among them, an actress of B-movie it interprets in Postcards from the hell (Postcards from the Edge) with Dennis Quaid and Shirley MacLaine and it participates in the film her death it does you beautiful (Death Becomes Her) with Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis, for which she is named to the Golden Globe and the Saturn Award as good actress protagonist. In 1995 to 46 it is protagonist in the film of Clint Eastwood The bridges of Madison County (The Bridges of Madison County) she gets a nomination to the Academy Awards after some years of absence, but it doesn't win the third figurine. The following year to Madonna is assigned the protagonist (what to the Streep had to be assigns, then swerve for the advanced age in comparison to the character) part of Eva Peron, in the very famous musical Evita (1996) of Alan Parker, but it produces As before him in film and later (Before and After), You room of Marvin (Marvin's Room) with Robert De Niro, Leonardo Of Caprio and Daylights Keaton. In the 1999 (this time picking her the part previously assigned to Madonna up) performance in the yearning film of Wes Craven You music of the heart (Music of the Heart) for which it has really learned to play the violin. In The Hours (2002), it has the role of a lesbian woman to the takings with a terminal sick poet of whom he takes care, and in 2004 she takes part to Run The Manchurian. She recites in the comedy First with Uma Thurman, Robert Altman wants her in his Radio America, but she returns to the popular success with the desecrating comedy "The devil dresses Prada", in which interprets the role of Miranda Priestly, perfidious manager of a magazine of fashion, part thanks to which the Golden Globe as good actress wins in a comedy, the Ioma 2007 for the good supporting actress and she gets the nomination to the Oscar. Is confirmed for the role of Donna in the cinema version of the musical My Mother! inspired to the ABBA. The Streep has been engaged with John Cazale, her co-protagonist in The hunter, up to his death, arrived for a bones cancer on March 12 1978. In September of the '78 have married the sculptor Don Gummer. They have four children: Henry (been born in the 1979), Mamie (been born in the 1983) that performance together with her mother in Evening, Grace (been born in the 1986) and Louisa (been born in the 1991). Mamie Gummer has chosen to undertake the same career of her mother.
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