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Scarlett Johansson: the new Marylin?
Scarlett Marie Johansson (New York, 22 November 1984) is an American actress. It is born at New York City from Karsten Johansson, a Danish architect son of the producer and scriptwriter Ejner Johansson, and Melanie Sloan, American, been born in the Bronx from Polish family. To the tender age of three years Scarlett already dream to become actress, but only four years after will begin to give back I am counted that that of the interpreter can become more than a game, a true profession, and in fact begins to participate the first provini for television ad, even if the advertising will prefer them its brother, provocandole a strong sense of disappointment.

Later on its mother understood that its little girl really was interested to do the actress although the young age, and so began to carry it also to the provini for the film and theatrical productions, and to eight years Scarlett presses on the stages together to Ethan Hawke in the theatrical piece Sofistry. From 1994 it begins to appear in small roles in film like Parents cercasi, Appointment with the bridge and The just cause: therefore begins to do acquaintance to the public with its role of Amanda in Manny & It and finally it is imposed to the caution of the international public with its interpretation of it THE MAN that I whisper to the horses.

In 2000 performance in Ghost World, therefore of it THE MAN that there is not, and in 2002 - the year in which achieves the diploma - is in the cast of Arac Attack - Monsters to eight feet, instigator to the science fiction-horror film of the years '50. 2003 is the year of the definitive consecration: turns two film Lost in Translation - THE LOVE translated and The girl with the earring of pearl, and thanks to its role in the film of Sofia Coppola (presented in world preview to the Festival of the cinema of Venice) Scarlett obtains a like best prize actress emerging.

In 2004 it is in the cast of the film A song for Bobby Long, next to John Overwhelmed, film that the young Johansson wanted to interpret for five years. Since then it is on the crest of the wave, between gossip, advertising campaigns (a for Louis Vuitton and a for a perfume of Calvin Klein) and other film projects that see it directed by producers of the caliber of Woody Allen and Brian De Palm. In 2005 it works actual with Allen in Match Point, hitting in particolar manner the producer that chooses it also for its film successive, Scoop (2006), of which is protagonist next to the same prolific New York producer and to Hugh Jackman.

The success the door to work rhythms frenetic and entire in the alone one 2006 four different projects: besides the comedy of Allen, The Black Dahlia of Brian De Palm, The Prestige of Christopher Nolan and The diary of a Nana (2007), will dress the cloths of Maria Bolena in the THE OTHER film woman of the King.
After to to be appeared in the videoclip When the Deal Goes Down of Bob Dylan and What Goes Around. ..Comes Around of Justin Timberlake, and after to to be ascended on the platform of the Coachella 2007 to the flank of the The Jesus and Mary Chain, the actress be learned to publish a composed album from cover of Tom Waits, totally interpreted from her. The album, titled Anywhere THE Lay My Head should go out to May 2008. # its name is one of the most used between the replies of the game of MSN Messenger, Duel Live, well-known for the its varied and difficult replies. # Often its name comes maimed in Scarlett Johanssen or Scarlett Johanson. # Scarlett Johansson had been chosen for the role of Rebecca in Thumbsucker - The succhiapollice, but left the project before began the renewals and was therefore replaced from Kelli Garner. Scarlett besides also had done an experience for a role in the film Parents in trap, that then went to Lindsay Lohan. # In 2007 the American magazine AskMen, positioned Scarlett Johansson to the second place in the listing of the women more wanted some planet, preceded alone from Beyonce Knowles. # During the leading presidential of 2008, it has lined up like supporter of the democratic candidate Barack Obama.
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