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Been born in 1985, Keira Christina Knightley, daughter of the actor Will Knightley and the scriptwriter Sharman Macdonald, started to have the passion of the cinema when to 7 she asked an agent as gift of birthday; it began to recite only to nine, in the film for the television To Village Affair, to which followed numerous apparitions in negligible television productions, up to the share to the film Star Wars Episodio The - it threatens her ghost (1999) of George Lucas, in the small role of Sabè.
Keira has a brother greater than he works in the English television channel BBC as technician of the lights.Later The Hole, in 2001 it is one of the protagonists of Sognando Beckham, comedy that has received a great success of public in England, bringing Keira to the notoriety. It follows the role of the volitive Elizabeth Swann in the adventurous one you curse of the first moon (2003, close to Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom), her debut hollywoodiano and enormous commercial success, that it reveals her as one of the most promising actresses of her generation.Pointed out by many as the new Julia Roberts, endowed with great presence stage and notable expressiveness, Keira interprets in 2004 an unpublished Geneva in the kolossal King Arthur, failure to the playpen-office, but it happened personal of the actress, appreciated by the criticism. More and more launched in her star-system, she participates in the choral Love Actually in the role of Juliet and it is the mysterious Jackie in the thriller The Jacket, beside Adrien Brody.In 2005 the first absolute protagonist test, in Pride and prejudice, drawn by the homonym novel of Jane Austen, for which is run both to the Golden Globe and to the Oscar, followed by Domino, in the role of the huntress of ransoms Domino Harvey. In the same year she has again dressed the cloths of Elizabeth Swann in the sequel de you curse of the first moon, Pirates of the Caribbean: The curse of the coffer ghost and the following year.In 2007 she sees again him on the great screen with the transposition from the homonym best seller of Ian McEwan: Expiation, directed always by Joe Wright.
As it regards the sentimental circle, the Knightley is tied up to the colleague Rupert Friend. In 2007 the new testimonial of Coco Chanel has become replacing Kate Moss.
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