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Thomas Jeffrey Hanks
(Concord, 9 July 1956) He is an actor, producer, scriptwriter and film producer American. Its career had beginning in the years' 80 when, interpreting the serious Henry and Kip with Peter Students, began to well-known esser and loved; since then recited in numerous film obtaining a large success of critic and of public. It won two prizes like best Oscar actor: in 1994 for Philadelphia and in 1995 for Forrest Gump. Candidate to the statuette was also in 1989, when still it is not a well-known actor, for the film Big; was it then in 1999 (for the interpretation in the film Saved the soldier Ryan) and in 2001 (for Cast Away). It won also very other prizes between Golden globes and Emmy Awards. The last film interpreted was The code from you Win, I discuss from the homonymous story of Dan Brown.

Hanks is known for the actual interpretive quality and its ability to impersonate more disparate characters: from the vulnerable but nice Forrest Gump, to the hiv-positive lawyer Andrew Beckett in Philadelphia, until the commanding Jim Lovell of the unlucky Apollo 13. Not at random they were him often entrusted positive roles of characters in romantic comedies, characters that interpreted always with passion, like for example in Insomnia of love, there is mail for all you and two of Nora Ephron. Also it interpreted some roles in three film of the producer Steven Spielberg (alone in 2 from protagonist) : You save the soldier Ryan, Experiences to take me and The terminal.

In the last years its repertory it has stretched portandolo to impersonate more complex characters; in the film Was my father has for example shown to be able to carry on the extremely dramatic screen roles like that of a gunman of the mafia. In Cast Away put to hard test its body gaining weight of 20 kg and then to lose weight of 30. Also in other roles it increases of weight.

Hanks is one of the actors more requests and paid of Hollywood. Its salary for the last film interpreted has gone around on average on 20 millions of dollars. For its interpretation in Forrest Gump had earned of it 70. It entered in the Guinness of the supremacies to have interpreted eight film of line that packed more of 100 millions of dollars.

Hanks studied theatrical performance to the California Separate University of Sacrament. It is married from 1988 with the actress Rite Wilson, that knew during the making of the film A bridge of woe and from which had two sons: Chester and Truman (has other two sons, Colin and Elizabeth, had from the previous marriage, lasted from 1978 to 1987 with Samantha Lewes).

From the end of the years '90 Hanks has attempted also in the direction and in the screenplaying managerial some film and miniseries TV and some writer scripts. From 2000 it continued to produce some miniseries of excellent level, among which Band of Brothers, on the American intervention in Europe during the second world war, and From the Earth to the Moon, on the story of the Program Apollo, both for the channel to American payment HBO.

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