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Non verbal communication composition - Psychology in English

Non verbal communication is an innate way of communicating emotions, feelings and sensation through behaviors without the use of a verbal type of communication. Although it is very useful to express some hidden part of our personality through a series of behaviors (often involuntary), it is not good to share thoughts, knowledges and informations (because they can be expressed in a good way only through the spoken language, that is more complex and articulated).
However, non-verbal communication, supports, complete and replaces the speech: for example, a look or a gesture can express a lot of words.
Some aspects of body language are made unconsciously and involuntary and they reveal thoughts and emotions that are not manifested through the verbal language. In fact, there are some somatic responses closely interconnected to our emotions, that are very difficult to hide (for example anxiety, fear or joy).
Moreover, non-verbal communication allows to express ourselves, our moods, our essence, without using words.
In this regard, non-verbal communication is crucial in the process of child development as it allows him to interact with others and to communicate his needs and his emotions even before they learn to speak.