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William Wordsworth

For the English romantic poet William Wordsworth through the senses or through a perception is possible to perceive the beauty of the nature, so producing an emotion; and here the memory has a crucial role, because only with its use he is able to come into contact with the Nature. For this Wordsworth considers childhood the most important phase in the man’s life, as a child has the perceptions more vivid and more imaginative than an adult, and his experiences remain imprinted in his memory. In fact, to communicate to the others similar emotions to those felt by the poet, Wordsworth follows the recollection of an emotion in tranquility, that give origin to a pure poetry. And just through this re-creative power of memory, the emotion is reproduced and purified in a poetic form, so that a second emotion, "kindred" to the first one, is generated. He describes this process in the following sequence: object > poet > sensory experience > emotion > memory =(equal to) recollection in tranquility > ‘kindred’ emotion > poem > reader > emotion. Then memory is the major force in the process of growth of Wordsworth’s moral and mental view, and also because give to his poetry its life and power.
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