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James Joyce - Life and thought

He was born in Dublin in 1882. He studied French, Italian and German and English litterature. He took ispiration from Dante, D'Annunzio and Ibsen. He thinks about himself like an European man, and goes against Yeats, saing that to increase Ireland's awareness is necessary to offer a realistic portait of it's situation.
He left Ireland to go to Italy because he feared that he is not immune from the soul of paralysis of his country. The years in Italy were difficult because of his daughter's schizophrenia and his financial problems.
In that period he wrote "Dubliners" and after he moved to Zurich. Dubliners and "The Portate" helped him to became a famous writer. In 1917 he wrote "Ulysses". In 1923 he began to work on Finnegans Wake.
Dublin is the place where he set all his works, infact Joyce's mission is to give to his home-town literary importance. He want to give a realistic vision of the life of ordinary people.
He made a rebellion against church. His hostility is the revolt of artist heretic against official doctrine and against the provincial church which had the possession of Irish minds.
Joyce was a modernist writer, he use a new way of writing. The facts became confuses and they were explored by different point of view. The reality for Joyce stood in what all the subjective descriptions have in common.
Joyce's stories open in medias res, with the analysis of a particular moment. Time is not percieved as objective but as subjective, leading to psycological change. The description of Dublin infact, is not derived by external reality, but from character toughts.
Joyce belived in the impersonality of the artist like Eliot, Baudelaire, Flaubert. Infact the artist aim is to give a true image of reality and to do this necessary to isolate the artist from society.
His style is charaterized by the exploration of characters impressions by the use of the free direct speech and Epiphany, by interior monologue.
Interior monologue is a tecnique in which the language breaks down into a succession of words without puntuation or grammar connetions, in which the action takes places in the characters mind.
Joyce uses also the technique of the extreme interior monologue. The narration take place inside the mind of the charater while he is dreaming. The words and the free associations are fused to create new expression.

Paralisys: is the result of external forces and moral linked to religion and culture. Joyce's characters accept their condition and their are not able to escape.
Escape: is the opposite of paralisys. It is originated from an impulse that is caused by a sense of enclosure.

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