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James Joyce - Biografia e poetica

Born in Dublin into a large Roman Catholic family James Joyce received an excellent education at two of the most prestigious Jesuit colleges in Dublin and later at university, where he graduated in modern languages, studying French, Italian and Norwegian. On completing his studies in 1902, having grown intolerant of the Catholic religion and the provincial life of Dublin, he moved to Paris but soon had to return to Dublin to assist his dying mother. In 1904 he met Nora Barnacle, who remained. his life-long companion. They went to Paris, Zurich and eventually to Pula and Trieste where he earned his living teacher English at the Berlitz School. While in Italy he became friendly with the Italian writer Italo Svevo, who was greatly influenced by Joyce. By now Joyce had been dedicating himself to writing for some time and in 1905 he completed his short story collection, "Dubliners" . At the outbreak of the first world war, Joyce went with his family to Zurich where he began to write Ulysses. It was first published in France in 1922 having met with censorship problems in England. In 1923 he stared his second major work, "Finnegans Wake" and though suffering from a serious eye disease which left him almost blind he continued writing. With the outset of the second world war and the fall of France, Joyce returned to Zurich where he died in 1941.
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