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James Joyce

Life and Techniques
James Joyce was born in Dublin and this influenced his works; and he belongs to the age of the modernism. He was one of the most important figure in this movement .He defined a new role of the writer, with the use interior monologue technique ; the writer almost diseappears and the readers finds themselves directly inside a character's mind.


An epiphany is a sudden revelation actually in Joyce's stories and novels there are a lot of peaks of intensity called by the writer epiphany. The epiphany happens through trivial experiences and common things that produce a new sudden awareness.

The Dubliners
This handiwork is divided in 4 categories and 15 stories: the four caterogories are childhood, adolescence,maturity and public life . The main theme of this work is the feeling of paralysis proved by the characters and caused by the limited cultural and social traditions and the moral codes of his time. Actually Joyce uses an everyday language to show the unhappyness of the reality. The writer also wanted to show
the death of dubliners, the death of the human feelings, the deathof the classic literature and the impossibility to reproduce the reality in a faithfully way.

The Dead
This is the last story of the Dubliners. In this story we have a lot of detailed of descriptions of people and settings. This work includes the perfect example of what Joyce meant for epiphany.Actually the central event of the story was Gretta's epiphany that caused her husbnd's epiphany too. So during a party Gretta heard a song that made her reminded her first and only true love who she thought died for her, Michael Furey. So coming back home she cried thinking about him and when she told her husband about Michael he realizes that he never really knew his wife and that he is more dead than the real dead. Actually The Dead is a sort of natural conclusion in which the living and the dead are united . In this story we have the element of the snow that covered everything reflecting the insignificance of our most intense moments of extistence and the death of the human feelins , of our life and the death of everything. Joyce wanted to show that the living live a sort of ''death-in live'' during which the dead are still alive in their memories.
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