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Henry VII Tudor
Henry VII Tudor was the first king of Tudor dynasty.
By marring Elizabeth of York, he reconciled the two houses of Lancaster and York and put an end to the Wars of the Roses. During his reign he created a new power and balance in England. He diminished the power of the nobles, because they were very powerful and rich, and gave more power to the middle classes.
He also created a new powerful fleet. His reign also coincided with the period of great geographical explorations. In 1492 Columbus, while looking forward a westward route to Asia, discovered a new land, which was later named America after Amerigo Vespucci who was the first to realize that it was actually a new continent.
Henry VII promoted the expeditions of John and Sebastian Cabot to North America. These exploratory voyages did not finish with Henry VII, but also continued during the reign of queen Elizabeth I. during his reign Parliament was not an essential part of English political system, in fact he did not often summon it. He made Tudor monarchy strong and feared; he tried to increase its standing in Europe by marrying his eldest son Arthur to Catherine of Aragon, the daughter of the king of Spain, and his daughter Margaret to James IV of Scotland. This union was to lead, after the death of Elizabeth, to a Scottish king on the throne of England.
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