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Henry VII e Henry VIII
Henry VII, who came to english trone when the wars of the roses ended and he was the first king of Tudor dinasty. During his reign he made the monarchy supreme and he administred the modern state like a bussines man. Henry's foreign policy aimed at making England's trading position stronger. He also founded the english naval power with building of sheeps for merchants and for increase military strenght.

Henry VIII succeeded his father, Henry VII. He made the reformation, the religious revolution arouse between Hanry VIII and the Pope. Hanry had been married by special dispensation to Catherine of Aragone, his sister-in-law, who some years later had given him a daughter, Mary I, but now, she can't bear him a son. Also he had fallen in love with Anne Boleyn, a lady in waiting, and he asked the Pope for a divorce, to marry her. When the Pope not declare his first marriage invalid, Henry broke with Rome and declared himself "Supreme Head of the Church" in England. In 1536 Anne Boleyn who had given him a daughter, Elizabeth, was executed and the king re-married four more time.
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