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The Tudors

Henry VII
Henry VIII
Also called “defensor fidei” (England is a catholic country) because of his thoughts.
Henry VIII had six wives. Many of them died, while many were executed because of the king himself.
• Catherine of Aregon (who was his wife in the period 1509-1533) divorced.
• Anne Boleyn (who was his wife in the period 1533-1536) was the main cause of the divorce with Catherine of Aregon, was then executed.
• Jane Seymour (who was his wife in the period 1536-1537) was his wife only for a year because she died.
• Anne of Cleves (who was his wife only in the year 1540) divorced as Catherine of Aregon did.
• Kathryn Howard (who was his wife in the period 1540-1542) was executed.
• Katherine Parr (who was his wife in the period 1543-1547) was finally his last wife because Henry VIII died in 1547, so Katherine Parr was widowed.
With the “Act of supremacy” England becomes an Anglican protestant country.

Mary I
Bloody Mary - daughter of Henry VIII (England becomes a catholic country) and Catherine of Aregon).

Elizabeth I
Daughter of Henry VIII - England becomes a protestant country - and Anne Boleine.
The Tudor period was not just a full of war one, but it was also very important for the palaces that were built. The most important were Richmond, Hampton Court, but also country houses such as Hardwick Hall, that can be seen also today.
In particular, the Hampton court was begun by Thomas Wolsey, in 1514, and was then remodelled by important people such as the king Henry VIII and his successors. Both Mary the first (Bloody Mary) and Elizabeth I stayed in this building during their reigns, but they preferred not to modify it.

Curiosity about the structure:
- King Edward VI was born in the Hampton court.
- Henry VIII spent three of his honeymoons there.

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