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Tom Welling
Thomas John Patrick Welling (New York, 26 April 1977) is an American actor, well-known for the role of Clark Kent in the made-for-tv movie Smallville. Welling was born at Putnam Valley, New York. Its father is a manager in pension of the General Motors and its mother a housewife graduated in engineering. It has two larger sisters, Rebecca and Jamie, and a smaller brother, Mark, also he actor.

The work of the father asked for frequent you move, that carried it first from Putnam Valley to Hockessin in Delaware until Okemos in Michigan, where Welling began the high school. The actor put into practice a lot of sports of squad, included baseball and basket ball, and was an excellent doors of soccer. It has graduated in 1995 to the Okemos High School. After the diploma has working like building worker, continuing to live with the parents. It has married to Martha' s Vineyard July 5 2002 with the model Jamie White, after a connection of three years. Lives at Vancouver, where they the renewals of Smallville develop themselves, but possiede also a house to Los Angeles where living persons during the months of pause from the renewals of the made-for-tv movie. In 1998 Welling it was uncovered from a seeker of talents, that it the career advised to experience him of I model. In 2000 it is established to Los Angeles, where settled for Tommy Hilfiger and other, while began to try the career of actor. The first important role was in the television series Judge Amy in 2001, in which comparve for you are episodes in the part of a teacher of karate, with that the protagonist Amy Brenneman interweaves a sentimental connection. Later on performance in Special Unit 2 and Undeclared. Always in 2001 venne choice, later on to a national selection, for the role of Clark Kent in Smallville, made-for-tv movie that will have large success and reputation will give him and popularity. In the December of 2003 it interpreted the largest son of Steve Martin in the screen adaptation of A wild dozen, of whom interprets also the I continue The return of the wild dozen. It took part also to the remake of the film horror film Fog in 2005. Contrary to how much restored from shouting on internet Welling never was taken in consideration for the role of Superman in the film Superman Returns. The producer Bryan Singer affirmed plainly that sought an I turn new and that for this motive never appraised the opportunity of to enter it.
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