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Catherine Zed-Jones (Swansea, 25 September 1969) is a British actress. It is born from Welsh father and irish mother, has two brothers. The name derives from two great-grandmothers: a Catherine, the other Zed, being derived to its time from the name of a boat. It speaks, besides the English one, also the Welsh.

Its career begins in the childhood. It dances and it sings in a catholic company of inspiration until the age of ten years. In 1987 it interprets Peggy Saywer in Forty-Second Street. They follow many other musical of large success that give back it a true and actual fame to London. It carves an individual, For all Thyme, that collects also a certainty happened. It is the protagonist of the fortunate serious tv English Darling Buds of May, but its film debut happens in France with Sheherazade of the French producer Philippe De Broca. Its fame goes back to the participation to two film of success: The mask of Zorro (1998) with Antonio Banderas and Entrapment (1999) with Sean Connery.

she wins the prize like best Oscar actress not protagonist in 2003 with Chicago. It was directed in teaching manner from Steven Spielberg in The Terminal (2004), but a lot consider its test in Traffic (2001) of Steven Soderbergh the better one of its career: carried on the screen the dramatic event of Helena Ayala, wife of a boss of the drug that takes the reins of the commerce of the husband, ended in prison. It was between the protagonists of the film Ocean' s Twelve, (2004), still of Sodebergh; in 2003 the brothers Coen directed it in the irresistible one (and sophisticated) First comedy I marry you, then I ruin you, while in 2005 returned to dress the cloths of Elena in The Legend of Zorro of Martin Campbell.

In 2007 it turned two film: Tastes and misunderstandings of Scott Hicks, in which interprets a chef nevrastenica to the taken with an orphan nipotina, and Death Defying Acts of Gillian Armstrong, on the last years of the life of the magician Houdini (that will be interpreted from Guy Pearce) and that will see it in the cloths of a witch impostor that will confuse it. It announced its withdrawal from the film stage. If ever it should return to turn film, will be only if the role "will convince me to 110%"

Catherine is married from 2000 with the actor Michael Douglas, with which had two sons.

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