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Hugh John I Equip Grant, in arte Hugh Grant
Hugh John I Equip Grant (London, 9 September 1960) is a British actor winner of a Golden Globes. Hugh Grant has a brother, James Grant, that lives at Manhattan, New York City. It studied to the Wetherby School, to the Latymer Upper School, and to the New Connects of Oxford, where graduates in English literature.
Although the degree, always dreamt to undertake the artistic career and, this, although the unfavorable opinion of the parents. Its first experience does it in a film, produced from the same university, the Oxford Film Company, and directed by Michael Hoffman, an its companion of studies. The passion for the performance carries Hugh to make part of a theatrical company, the Jocke' s of Norfolk. After some short television experience, in 1987 the producer Michael Radford calls to interpret it a small role in white Misdeed, while Gonzalo Suarez entrusts him a part in Rowing to the viento. The consecration happens the same year, when James Ivory entrusts him the role from protagonist in Maurice I discuss from the homonymous story of AND. M. Forster (the story of the delicate one and tormented I awaken to the actual omosessualità of a student, in the puritan one England of beginning nine hundred). The film has a large success and Hugh obtains the Cup Foxes to the festival of Venice like best actor. Then with the film Four marriages and a funeral obtains happened and popularity that will confirm with film what Notting Hill, The diary of Bridget Jones and the I continue That I mess up Bridget Jones! besides the interpretation of the protagonist of the film About to boy I discuss from the homonymous story of Nick Hornby. A large test offers it in the film Scrivimi a song in which interprets a former one-star of the years '80 that has the possibility of to write a song for a star of the pop one, for this film (in which performance together to Drew Barrymore) Hugh learns to sing and to dance seen that most of the songs of the film interprets them he himself. Bound sentimentally, from 1987, to the actress Elizabeth Hurley (the testimonial of an of the greater houses of cosmetic), their connection undergoes a hard blow June 27 1995 to Los Angeles, when Hugh Grant comes arrested from the police, because surprised in car, in unequivocal attitude, with a prostitute of color. Their hard relation still for some year, more for economical motive (together have been based on a movie studio, the Simian Film) that sentimental until, in 2001, it is had the definitive separation. From 2004 its partner it the Indian heiress was-British Jemima Goldsmith, but some time does have left. The day 26 of April 2007, Hugh Grant itself not contenne and lost the control when a paparazzo churches that lifted the head for a photograph in a moment of the morning jogging. After to have attacked the photographer, Grant attached its family. Churches to the photographer if had some sons. After to have known that it had two children it told him: 'I hope that they will die of cancer'.
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