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Sean Connery

Sir Sean Thomas Connery (Fountainbridge, 25 August 1930) is an actor and Scottish producer. Connery famous divenne thanks to the character of James Bond, of which was the first interpreter; its interpretation of the agent 007 is recognized from the almost unanimity of critic and public like the better one in absolute, and its image became the symbol of the character invented from Ian Fleming.
Been born to Edimburgh, in Scotland, son of a truck driver and of a maid, begins to attend lessons of dance to eleven years. To sixteen it decides to leave the school and of to enlist itself in the British Navy. To that period they go back two special tattooings on the right arm: "Scotland Forever" ("Scotland for always") and "Mom & Dad" ("Mommy & Daddy"). Its experience in the Royal Navy was interrupted in 1950: not superò the medical visits by means of a severe gastric ulcer and was therefore dismissed. Undertaken then numerous intense activities, among which lifeguard, mason, dishwasher, painter of coffins, guard of the body and finally I model. To the age of nineteen years it settles nude for the edinburgh Art Connects, and begins to demonstrate itself what at first a misfortune seems, the early baldness, that however in future advantages will get him and will increase its glamour.

In the beginning of the years '50 the turn arrives: after different small parts in theatrical field, in 1951 participates the musical South Pacific, a reasonable important work in stage to London. Thanks to the high physicist, slender and athletic, united to the bewitching look, the young Sean Connery participates in the competition of Mister Universe in agency of the Scotland in 1953, sorting itself third. The competition was its springboard of throw to enter in the world of the show. It begins to support small parts in television productions and for the cinema, arriving also to cover important roles. After small roles in television and film productions, begins to have a certain fame and to obtain more important roles. The large turn of its life arrives in 1962 when Sean Connery comes chosen from Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman to interpret on the large screen James Bond, name in code 007, the very famous agent secret protagonist of the stories of Ian Fleming, role that will cover for a total of you are films. Connery is shown perfect for the role, physically and personality: shrewd, elegant, cold, seductive; in short time becomes one of the most famous sex-symbol of the planet.

Oddly, some first time had participated to a competition announced from the London Express to choose the future James film Bond, where however it is sorted "alone" to 3° place!

In 1971, after to to be returned to replace George Lazenby, whose parenthesis from 007 lasted an alone film, goes the witness to Roger Moore, I get tired of now to to be identified alone with the character of James Bond, of which does not want to become slave; nevertheless in 1983 Connery returns in the garments of the secret agent for an alone film, Ever say ever. Connery avoids the risk of to remain trapped in a role, and thanks to the experiences that follow shows its talent and its versatility like actor, interpreting difficult and different roles, with different producers of the caliber of Sidney Lumet, Alfred Hitchcock and John Huston.

In Marnie (1964), film of the "teacher of the shudder", Connery interprets the part of a phlegmatic man, while is an old and vulnerable hero in Robin and Marian (1976). It is found to its comfort in the epic saga of Highlander - the last immortal (1986) and in the cloths of William from Baskerville, enigmatic and rational monk, in the masterpiece of Jean Jacques Annaud The name of the rose (1986), I discuss from the homonymous story of Umberto Echo.

Of it The Untouchable (1987) of Brian De Palm is an extraordinary defender of the justice, near to other star like Kevin Costner, Robert De Niro and Andy Garcia. For this role obtains a prize Oscar and a Golden Globes like "best actor not protagonist".

In they Are business of family (1988) of Sidney Lumet, with Dustin Hoffman and Matthew Broderick, is a charming and shrewd thief, while in Indian Jones and the last crusade (1989) of Steven Spielberg, with Harrison Ford, is the nice father of the most well-known archeologist of the story of the cinema and to its time a passionate archeologist. Of it The house Russia (1990), directed by Fred Schepisi and stroke from the romance homonym of John the Carré, performs the part of a nice one, confused and nonconformist publisher / clarinet player (Bartholomew 'Barley' Scott Blair) that it is found, together to Michelle Pfeiffer, to the center of a complicated spy-international story, acclimated to Moscow.

Of it The first knight (1994), with Richard Gere and Julia Ormond, is the legendary King Artù, while is an elegant one committing a crime in The Rock (1996); garment again the cloths of a thief like accomplice of Catherine Zed-Jones in Entrapment (1999).

In 1999 it comes named baronet (Sir) from the Queen Elisabetta Second.

In 2001 it produces and it interprets an exciting Discovering Forrester, of Gus Van Sant, with Fred Murray Abraham, in which is an old and introverted writer.

In 2003 we find it again to produce and to interpret: it is discussed of The legend of the extraordinary men, film in which performance the part of an old hunter, Allan Quatermain which, united to an extraordinary squad of men, Lead Nemo, Undermines Harker, the dott. Jekyll and other, should hinder to a criminal of to make to explode a world war.

Big part of its force recitativa Connery has to it to the disillusioned character, autoironico and desecrating. In all its roles its humour stands out, given back winning from the smile, alone indicated. Out of from the set not left ever of to show and to underline its Scottish accent, of which goes proud. Connery always was very jealous of the actual privacy.

Two times it was married: from 1962 to 1974 with the actress Diane Cilento, from which had a son, Jason, also he become actor. Divorced in 1973 it is itself then married with Micheline Roquebrune, its present companion.
Connery always flaunted its pride of Scot and the deep love for its country birth, above all when has found to the of outside this, in the United States.

It supported with vitality the country for a greater independence of the Scotland and supported the Scottish National Party (SNP), financial and across public apparitions.

Famous I am public his exits in kilt, the classic short skirt Scottish, obvious show of the large pride of the actor for his origin, and the tattooing on the right arm: "Scotland Forever" that ever nevertheless, in some film, allowed that it is noted.
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