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Willard Christopher Smith Jr. (Philadelphia, 25 September 1968) is an actor, rapper and film producer American.

It is the second of four sons of Expensive and Willard Smith Sr., proprietor of a firm of refrigeration. It grew in the middle class of West Philadelphia, where had the nickname of Prince for the manner in which it is pulled outside from the woe thanks to its charme.
Appearing on the musical stage, conobbe to a party Jeff Townes, with which began its artistic collaboration; took the name of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. When the duet succeeded to earn popularity, Smith pays a lot of money buying a house, schemes and jewlery.

But Smith was seeking new roads when, in 1989, incontrò Benny Medina, that had an original idea on a sit-com based on its life to Beverly Hills. Smith loved immediately the idea, and us credette too the NBC, that immediately began the production of Willy, the prince of Fine Air (The Fresh Prince Fine of-Air). The plot was simple: Will interpreted fundamental himself, a boy of road of Philadelphia transplanted to Beverly Hills. The serious ebbe a sensational success, in the United States and abroad, and went ahead for quite you are years.

During this make sentences taken part to a film thanks to which the film criticism ebbe occasion of to note it: 6 degrees of separation (1993). Thanks also to the success reached from the action film Bad Boys (1995), the film career of Will took now the upper hand. Ebbe a risqué gross thanks to the blockbuster Independence Day (1996), where impersonated the captain of the Marines Steven Hiller and had the task of fighting the aliens. Later on film like Men in Black, Enemy public contributed to increase it the popularity to international level.

The definitive consecration to the career of actor arrived with the interpretation of Muhammad Alì in the film Alì of 2001, that been worth him a Nomimation to the like Best Protagonist Actor Oscar. More late they came produced the sequel Bad Boys TWO and Men in Black TWO in which, although pits in couple with other actors (respectively Martin Lawrence and Tommy Lee Jones), Will recited a role more from sole protagonist: was an obvious mark of the caution that came reserved him from the film world. After all these Will happened Smith arrives to be based on an actual film company of production, the Overbrook Entertainment, across that realizes the film Hitch - He yes that understands the women and It search for the happiness. Thanks to its performance in this last film, directed by the Italian producer Gabriele Mucus, Will receives the second nomination to the oscar of its career like best actor protagonist.

In the end of 2007 in USA goes out to the ticket offices I am legend directed by Francis Lawrence, discuss from the homonymous story of Richard Matheson. In Italy uscira the first week of 2008.

At present Will Simith is work to varied film among which Hancock of Peter Berg.

In 2007 the prestigious magazine American Newsweek actor crowns it like more being able some world, thanks to its monstrous success to the ticket offices, to its capacity of to interpret every type of role and of to break through abroad, beyond that in homeland. Until now its film packed beyond 4.4 billion dollars. Smith married Sheree Kick in 1992, from whose ebbe a son, Willard Christopher III, known also like "Trey". They divorced in 1995. Trey is appeared in the musical video of its father "Just the two of us" in 1997, year in which Smith itself risposò with the actress Jada Pinkett. From this ebbe two sons: Jaden Christopher Syre (1998), co-star in It search for the happiness, and Willow Camille Reign (2000), its daughter also in the film I am legend. Together with the brother, Harry Smith, possiede the Treyball Development Inc., a company with seat to Beverly Hills that carries the name of its son. Moderately it is introduced in the strip of the Lucks Magazine between the 40 Americans more rich than have not reached the 40 years. Smith and its family live in the Star Island (Florida) in Miami, Florida and in Philadelphia. Smith helped the community doing benficenza to the victims of the hurricane Katrina.

Smith produced All of Us, a program vaguely based on its life loving and familiar, in 2005.
Smith loves the setbacks, the bingo, and the video-game.

Even though shouting they are turned, according to the that after the film Ali, Smith was converted itself to the Islam, continues to put into practice the Christianity.

After that the young rapper Bow Wow defined it a "gimmick" (advertising idea) because of its type of hip hop and of the "easiness with that arrived at the success", Will dichiarò, "I have Not nothing to say to an unripe child and spoiled. 6 April 2006, the two explained themselves.
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