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Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
(Syracuse, 3 July 1962) he is an actor and film producer American.
It is considered one of the more requests and paid actors of Hollywood, and has a career covered of film of success. For its contribution to the show business, it was titled him an of the stars to five points that compongono the Hollywood Walk of Hunger.

19 April 2006 Suri was born, had from the American actress Katie Holmes. The star of Hollywood has already two adopted sons, from the previous marriage with the actress Nicole Kidman.

It is a faithful one of the Church of Scientology from 1990. It was the passion for the sport that carried almost unfortunately Tom Cruise to the decisive moment that would have changed its life. To participate to a local contest of wrestling, it was necessary a kilo means of lower limit weight to what Tom had to the moment. Being at the eve of the contest, Tom decided to lose its means kilo of too current on and down for the staircases of house. It stumbled and it slid down for the staircases pulling itself a tendon and blocking itself so a future in the sport.

It was this the motive that carried Tom to other interest and to run for itself to a school production of young Toughs and Dolls. Tom itself dimostrò to the height of the role of Nathan Detroit and in that occasion tirò out of the talent that will be subsequently the key of its success.

Tom decided to follow the instinct. It is transferred to New York and it is given three years of time to break through like actor and was actual its interpretation of young Toughs and Dolls to guarantee the its first agent; Tobe Gibson. To the period Tom had seventeen years and was Tobe Gibson to advise them the stage name Tom Cruise.

To New York itself iscrisse to the evening course of the school of performance Neighborhood Playhouse and lived in an apartment in sharing I live with little, thanks to humble intense activities. To the renewal of the contract, decided change agent. Its new agent the fece fly to Los Angeles for a casting of a sit-com and subsequently to the I return the fece appear in endless Love of Franco Zeffirelli that was for Tom its debut film. We are in 1981.

The debut allow him intense activities from photograph-I model. When it is run up however that different its photograph were ended in a newspaper gay, stop doing that I work. Doing not be able therefore more to pay itself the lease, Tom decided to return house its to Glen Ridge, but before runs for to a film that will be for him the catapult of the success: Taps - you Ring of rebellion. Tom in this film interpreted David Shawn to want of the productive Stanley Jaffe and was for him its first important role.

Subsequently to a short period of pause, Tom was convinced from its agent to interpret A Week-End from Lions, sexy comedy forbidden the minor. The film however not quite né from the critical né from the public was welcomed. We are in 1982.

Tom is transferred to Los Angeles and signed a contract with a new agent; Paula Wagner. It participated therefore to the cast for the film THE boys of 56ª road of Francis Ford Coppola and it is awarded the interpretation of Steve Randle.

Tom began now to be an emerging talent to the inside of the area and to possess couplings and also influential friendships. Its agent the fece do an experience for Risky Business - out of the old... the sons dance. It will interpret so Joel Goodson in its first role from actor protagonist. The interpretation yielded to Tom a hiring of its price of bounce and the first public fame.

But the true one happened some year arrived after. After to have interpreted in 1984 Jack in Legend of Ridley Scott, to Tom was proposal the part of the holding Pete Mitchell "Maverick" in Top Gun of Tony Scott. We are in 1985 and thanks to this film Tom Cruise reached the international success and beyond to actor divenne also a star. Top Gun was champion of collections in 1986 and established the record of reservation for the purchase of the VHS. Not for last fece the myth of the military pilot be born.
After Top Gun that the revenues a star above all for the girl of all of the world, its ascent was irreversible. Tom in 1986 recited to the flank of Paul Newman in The color of the money, sequel of the mythical film of 1961 The spaccone and later on, after the fiasco of cocktail Party contributed to the success of Rain Man next to the prize oscar Dustin Hoffman, but was thanks to its magnificent interpretation in Nato July 4 than ottenne in 1990 its first nomination. The difficult part of the survivor of war Ron Kovic, allowed to Tom of to deny all the ones supported pits only a boy with a fine smile and little talent and it is affirmed like versatile actor and of large quality. After the thunder of Days film in which conobbe the future wife Nicole Kidman recited in rebel Hearts next to the young spouse in 1992 in Code of honor to the flank of Jack Nicholson and The partner in the same period and in Interview with the vampire in 1994 in couple with Brad Pitt, film that ebbero a reasonable success without to pass the story like masterpiece of the.

Become in half years ninety one of the most powerful actors of Hollywood, beyond that a secure investment for producers and movie studios, returned to ruin the ticket offices in 1996 thanks to Mission: Impossible, a cult of our times. The successive year gained again the Golden Globes thanks to Jerry Maguire, with that went again near that oscar that still left in the career of the actor. After the interpretation of Magnolia in 1999, was protagonist, together to the wife, in the last masterpiece of Stanley Kubrick Eyes Wide Shut, I project begun quite three first years to whose Tom sacrificed also the role of protagonist of Matrix.

In 2000 girò the I continue of Mission: Impossible while the year after the film Vanilla Sky sanctioned the end of its relation with Nicole Kidman and the birth of the story between him and Penélope Cruz. In 2002 girò Minority Report of Steven Spielberg, the following year was protagonist in THE LAST samurai, an of its larger interpretations, been unaware of from the sworn some Academy Awards. After Collateral in 2004, the couple Cruise-Spielberg gave life to The war of the worlds (2005) happened more than other commercial like its last film of 2006, the third chapter of the serious Mission: Impossible. For 2007 the film Lions for lambs with Meryl it is announced Streep, directed and interpreted from Robert Redford.

July 19 of 2007 there was the first ciak of the film its Valkyrie novelty and disputed film. In the film directed by Bryan Singer interprets the Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg that plot for kill Hitler. In 1983 Tom conobbe on the set of Risky Business the attractive colleague Rebecca De Mornay with that undertaken a connection lasted about two years and little conclusasi before the young actor was pledged in the renewals of Top Gun, film that planetary reputation gave him later on.

May 9 of 1987 Tom Cruise is married with the actress Mimes Rogers, of you are larger years of him. Follower of Scientology, is most likely that was actual the Rogers to convince the spouse to adhere this believe, chosen this that Cruise confirmed also after the divorce, happened December 4 of 1990.
Tom Cruise grew with the myth of the Italy and of Rome, that knew across the film; is in fact a lover of the Italian cinema, particularly of Sergio Lion ("Hook its western more of everything!", declared a time), but also of Fellini and Rossellini, admiring to the same time also the most recent producers.
In 1994 it obtains the Raids Awards to the peggior couple with Brad Pitt for the interpretation in Interview with the vampire.
In 2005 it obtains the nomination to the Raids Awards for the worse interpretation of the year in The war of the worlds. But the same year obtains also to the MTV Movie Awards the mtv Generation Award, a sort of recognition to the career.
From boy Tom was quite distant from the be a star: suffered in fact of a light shape of dyslexia and continually was compelled to undergo oppressions and vexations aside of the contemporaries for school his difficulty.
Because of the work of the father, engineer elettro-technician spends its youth always in turn for the country change quite eight elementary schools and three high schools.
In 1976 Tom enters in a Franciscan seminar in which it studied for a year.
He is high (1,68 m) Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes are higher of him.
He Weighs about (70 kg).
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